Ghost Sightings at Disneyland

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Sometimes the Happiest Place on Earth becomes the Spookiest Place on Earth. Join me today as we discuss different instances and urban legends of ghost sightings at Disneyland Park.

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  1. My Cousin used to work there and he was friends with one of the workers from the haunted mansion, and he would help close up the ride with other workers and one time he saw a figure near the loading spot

  2. You guys might not believe me, but I was maybe three at the time, maybe four. At Disney, I walked out of a gift shop and didn’t see my parents. The white dress lady was there, but her dress did not look too old. She asked me if I needed help finding my parents, and I told her, sorry, I am not allowed to talk to strangers. I then walked away, and found my parents maybe one or two minutes later. I do not really believe it was the white dress ghost lady, but if you guys do believe me, say it in the comments. Again, it may not be the ghost, and I am not lying. You can think whatever about it, but a lady in a white dress did ask me if I needed help finding my parents.

  3. My mom used to work at Walt Disney World… and she was on the splash mountain ride before it opened to the public. She was testing it with her friends and then they all swore there was another person sitting next to her friend Jennifer, but when they got off the ride nobody was there. They were all confused and thought they were all going crazy, so the next time they rode it they told the employee working the ride that there was someone there and she said that she didnt see anyone get on or off with them.

  4. I knew a guy who swears he encountered Mr. Walt Disney himself. My friend was working as a night watchman and was just doing his rounds, and as he was exiting the fire station second floor apartment/office he felt like someone was watching him. He turned around and saw Walt Disney himself, standing next to the window where the lighted lamp sits.

    My friend stood there and his jaw hit the floor. Walt Disney waved at him and then said “Umm…BOO!” in a playful sort of manner. My friend got out of there, screaming the whole time, and accidentally pressed the button on his walkie so that everyone on the security channel heard him screaming. His supervisor chuckled and said to him “You saw him, didn’t ya’?” My friend replied “He w-w-was in the Fire Station! I saw…” and his supervisor said “Yeah, me too. Lots of people have.” When my friend said Walt Disney spike to him the supervisor said “Aw, man! No fair! He never spoke to me before!” several other staff/cast members who had seen him said the same thing, except for one other who said “Yeah he said ‘Watch your step’ to me when I was cleaning up there and almost tripped. I thanked him and he said ‘No problem!’. Never saw or heard from him since.”

  5. When I was about 4 or 5 I remember seeing a little boy crying at the end of the escalator and everyone just go by him like he wasn’t there. I told my mom about the boy as we were walking towards my dad and she told me that there wasn’t a little boy there. I never stopped thinking about it him hoping he found his parents. Every time I went to Disneyland he would always cross my mind once I was getting off the ride and always looking at the spot where I saw him. Just about a few years I heard of the story of him and his mom spreading his ashes and I remember getting chills all over and I know that was little boy I saw when I was little.
    So I do believe it’s a true story ?

  6. Grew up in Westminster CA, down the street from Disneyland.  Went there all the time with my Dad as a kid, and then again in high school (for some reason) it was the place to go.  Well, at least my girlfriend wanted to go all the time, so I tagged along.  Love these videos!!  Like being home.

  7. Around 30 years ago someone did reportedly lose a hand/or got snatched out of their seat on Space Mountain because they supposedly tried to touch the tracks which are freakishly close above the trains. It was on the news.

  8. You Should do The Next Video about Frontierland and the Ghosts in the area like the Golden horseshoe, Big Thunder Mountain, Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante, and yes There are ghosts There to Ask The Veteran Cast Members!!

  9. My cousin used to work as disney security and he said the booths where they'd watch the camera feeds were rumored to be haunted.
    He never believed it until he was the only one in the room and constantly heard footsteps and other noises at night, even though he knew no one else was around. He also said sometimes they would see floating lights on the camera feed that didn't move the way bugs or anything else did..

  10. I don ( t like the idea of anybody haunting a place "till judgment day"
    as time doesn't exist after death, I think judgment day is not in the future, it already happened for each person who died
    I think you go where you belong right after you die
    what evidence do I have of that? none at all, I might be completely wrong (though a friend of mine who's a pastor thinks the same way) that's why I 'm very curious about what other people think
    please don(t insult me, just tell me what you think
    having lost a lot of loved ones, it's on my mind a lot, I can't help it,

  11. I took a photo in pirates of cara. On 8/25/19 at Disneyland and I believe I have caught a ghost. If you give me an email address I’ll send the photo for your opinion. I went on the ride two weeks later and took a photo in the same spot and it was obvious that there was no way that a person could have been in the picture. I tried to post it on YouTube but can’t figure out how to post it.

  12. Off to Disneyland next month on a solo visit. Mr One Way is welcome to join me on Space Mountain so long s he keeps his hands to himself.

  13. my brother who works maintenance,was cleaning Walt Disney's private railroad car,turned to see Walt sitting there watching him work.Walt was smiling so my brother just kept cleaning.he has seen Walt there on a few times.also Walt likes to look out of the window of his apartment above the fire station.

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