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DEMON POSSESSION CAUGHT ON TAPE – REAL Demonic Possession occurred during a youtube live broadcast. Watch as Holy Water smokes off of the investigator when he is possessed by the the .

During a paranormal investigation at the haunted Sallie House, A Man becomes possessed by which was caught on tape during a Ouija board Session.. This Ghost Possession is REAL, the which possessed the man was caught on tape from a real paranormal normal investigation. Ghosts, Demons are real and people can become possessed! The believed take possession of the man (Tim) is Beelzebub which is believed to haunt the house due to the fact it was conjured in the basement years ago.

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  1. It wil be wise to protect ourselves before communicating with the unseen beings. Recite this mantra from Tibet 108 times for its powerful protective energy: OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA. Read more here: bit(dot)ly/DSretreat

  2. I agree. I really would love to know what he was seeing and feeling during and what did he dream when he went to sleep after. All we know is he was seeing a bunch of horses. What did they look like? They left us hanging

  3. I need a someone who has alot of knowledge on this stuff, I want to know if someone thinks they may have a demonic attachment or partially possessed would it help if u drink holy water? Has anyone ever wondered this? I would really like to talk to someone who can help, that also knows what they are talking about,, experienced is what I'm trying to say

  4. I don't understand why one guy is not wearing anything on his face but then the other guy has like his whole face covered. Why?

  5. The spirt is playing mind games with u and the spirt is a male in his 40s and with the wall there something behind it or in it wht belong to him and he wants it with him or he has a strong connection with that wall

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