Real ghost caught on camera in haunted house

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This video is about 3 years old and shows a ghostgirl in the doorway, caught by camera late at night.
The film is from start to finish 100% raw material. The place in the movie where she is signed up with a red pen on the TV screen, And then being removed, and then zoomed in to her “eye”. There we filmed the TV screen with a mobile phone, the movie has been paused to show you the highlight. From 1:22 to 1:33 is the mobile phone clip you can see, there’s just been a little clip in the movie by Eyeworks studio othervise it would have lasted around 2:30 only mobile clip.
Up to approx. 1:08 is the original movie filmed from the house with our video camera. Add especially noticed: 00:54-55 there is a sort of fog / smoke ring on the left side and back towards the middle .. Spooky! Add also noticed :00:58-59 which you’ll see the girl in the doorway to pass by. But be aware it goes pretty fast.

The word was told that a father had drowned his daughter in the house many years ago, The story was never confirmed. When we were curious, we took the trip out to the house at night with only a maglight and a video camera. We were four boys who went out there, we saw nothing at the house that night we could only feel a presence. Only when we arrived back home when we saw the movie afterwards, we were shocked. We knew not what we should do with our film, so we contacted a film company here in Denmark who has cut the film together and put it on the web, both on their own website and here on This is the english version because the danish version was hard to find on the web.

We hope to show the world some of what we have seen. We have even more on our camera from the house, but it is only a short clipping from the movie as we show you here.
Evil tongues would say that the movie is false. The movie has been reviewed by the Danish Film Institute and has been approved.

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About the Author: René Højer Jacobsen


  1. Am I the only one who thinks the ghost at the end is kinda cute? I feel awful for her and all the other spirits though, if this is real. I can't imagine being half conscious and without a body, floating around crying for help, carrying the pain and fear you felt while you were dying for the rest of eternity.

  2. Potentially dangerous amatuer ghost hunting… NEVER going to prove anything and adding to the bad reputation ghost hunting now has… well done dickheads.

  3. @xunkownx499 THUMB THIS UP SO PEOPLE CAN SEE! Yes i to saw a fleeting instant of something so i went back and paused it @1:01 and was like holy shit that's a face! :O

  4. shit headed people who think stripping off religion is like the cure for ending all the problems..thats more like looking for a reason for asking for complete freedom from everything..and this leads you all to think that whats wrong being gay and shit like that..and thats when your brains are of no use and should be flushed down the toilet…if there is no god..where the fuck did you come from..there was something way before our existence ..

  5. SPEAK ENGLISH! This shit fake as hell! Cuz yall wuda dippd out soooo quick and yall asses stood there cleanin the TV and shit. I'm like what the fuuuuck?

  6. @coldflame2007 Version, the Holy Spirit will be referred as the Holy Ghost, instead of just the Holy Spirit as you will find in the New International Version (Matthew 3:11, NIV). This is probably where the original confusion about the actual existence or non-existence of ghosts began.we should know that it is certainly possible that such things as spirit beings exist, but it is not possible that such a thing as the spirit of people who have died also exists. .

  7. @coldflame2007 The word ghost itself derives from the Old English word gást. In many older versions of the Bible, the term for the Holy Spirit was often commonly said to be Holy Ghost. For example, in Matthew 3:11 (KJV) of the King James Version, the Holy Spirit will be referred as the Holy Ghost, instead of just the Holy Spirit as you will find in the New International Version (Matthew 3:11, NIV). This is probably where the original confusion about the actual existence or non-existant

  8. Omg, det ser klamt ud! Jeg er glad for at jeg ikke var med, det ville jeg simpelthen ikke kunne klare! Hvorfor var det at i gik derind??

  9. To all believing in such thing as "God", then who invented God? that's right I believe you just got owned because you won't be able to answer my question, Earth can't be born from nothing but God can? right… stop being retarded, creation of universe is science, religions were created to regroup people thousand of years ago and idiots like you brought it until 2010, they must be laughing in their graves right now.

  10. no it really doesn't prove anything about god.
    no one has "seen" god, but there is alot of documented evidence involving other paranormal things. unless u count the virgin Mary on a slice of toast.

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