Rescue Poor Dog Was Severed One Leg By The Truck Move With Tremendous Speed

Rescue Poor Dog Was Severed One Leg By The Truck Move With Tremendous Speed
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Rescue Poor Dog Was Severed One Leg By The Truck Move With Tremendous Speed

After a terrible accident, one leg of this dog was severed from the body
The Truck moves very fast caused the accident and they immediately left the scene
She must try to run away in fear
Her feet are bleeding a lot
She is in pain but trying to endure
she’s wandering around town but nobody help for her
Perhaps, her owner didn’t care when she was injured
We had contact and first aid for her at the scene
And then we took her to the hospital and conducted treatment
After 3 hours of surgery, the injury was controlled
Now she’s better
We took her to the shelter to take care of
Thank god for being with her this time…

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  1. The people that passed her up and the one that hit her and left her to suffer needs to know that what goes around comes around and I hope it's very painful and nobody helps you.

  2. Carajo que indignación siento al ver estos animalitos indefensos heridos x el ser humano mal nacido que asco de personas que Dios proteja a sus animalitos y castigue a los malos que los lastimen mil bendiciones para las personas buenas que los ayudan

  3. tadinho sofreu muito ?????muito obrigada por cuida deles parabéns pelo trabalho de vocês.Que Deus abençoe vocês grandemente muita paz saúde muitos anos de vida ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????

  4. POINTLESS TOTALLY POINTLESS…….. Why put up a video such as this then BLUR out parts of the video showing the injuries ??? FFS if people don't wanna see the injuries then DON'T FFING watch videos that have them OK………………………………… I quit this shit man…………………………………….

  5. Owner of injured dog is monster.God will not forgive to her owner for neglected action of injured dog. Thank you so much for your rescuing injured dog. I believe that god will bless you with everything all the best.we love all of you forever. You did something good for pitiful dogs . You will be gotten something the best for your future

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