Horse Rescued From Hurricane Irma Helps People Feel Safe | The Dodo

Horse Rescued From Hurricane Irma Helps People Feel Safe | The Dodo
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Horse Rescued From Hurricane Irma Helps People Feel Safe | This horse is so good at making people happy — he gives kisses to everyone he meets and crawls into their laps. To help Bet On A Star get the medical care he needs, you can donate to: You can also keep up with Bet On A Star and all of his adventures on Instagram, betonastar: To learn more about Hopes Dreams and Horses therapeutic center for humans and horses, check out:

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  1. I used to braid my horses hair with lots of oil I miss it all of it I used to eat in the barn I loved that whole life. You never think about what you have til it feels so unattainable to get back. Good job he's glorious!

  2. Agreeing with @Amalthea Yharnam the people who have watched this hasn't realised what this main part of the story is. its not to say "Awwww cute" "I love horses" its to help out this horse and get him through the surgery. and making you realize how we should start saving, helping horses. and shes right most of it is not written yet.

  3. Please ,would you post here an update? It is January 2019 as I write this….does this horse still need help with funds for the prosthetic?
    Such a beautiful woman, inside&out, who is this precious animal's soulmate ❤❤

  4. This is why animals are better than humans. I go to a horse farm with over 100 horses. All of those horses are just too sweet and they will fall asleep on your shoulder. Most humans wouldn’t know, want, or need to care for another human that way. Its pretty obvious as well.

  5. Aaaaaw ? What a sweetie he is. He reminds me of my horse friend I had for two summers years ago. Huge horse but so gentle, even in the way he took food from my hand……….it's like he knew I was a little kid (I was 6 or 7). I miss him. People are unaware that horses do have personality and they can grow to love you. I love this story I hope this lovable horse is ok these days.

  6. i think it's better to put down the horse than giving it prosteches because the horse can't really live a normal life if it get's one it can't be ridden or anything like that.

  7. That horse is beautiful Im so happy he was saved. I wonder if there were more animals that were abandoned or left wondering during and after hurricane

  8. This story hits close to home in a way ,animals pure love. My Grandfather adopted a louisiana catahoula leopard from hurricane Katrina. Buddy hes the most loyal dog ever!?My Grandfather is now in the beginning stages of fighting the bully (cancer)?Buddy is by his side and waiting at the door if my grandfather has to leave for the drs. The purest love can come from animals that have been threw things themselves I believe❤ Love you grandpa &buddy.

  9. 49,000 views but only 8,600 of the 40,000 dollars needed has been raised in 22 days. If each person who watched this had given just one dollar, Bet on a Star could have his surgery. ?

  10. I don't think much people have realised, that this horse needs help with his surgery. I only read comments like "Oh I love horses, what a wonderful story" or "Sooo cute". And sure, yes it is a cute story and all but it's just a part of the story. Most of it isn't even written yet. What about helping?

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