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  1. what is her full name? her real name? Mastanamma refers more to her position, right? What would her siblings, her husband call her?

  2. we all love our beloved grandamma mastanamma ! we see deep in history through her eyes ! i m in tears ! please share her other day today activity routine, without making her aware of camera ! you doing great job bro.! i love your farms crops and your culture, cooking and ofcourse cutie loving yet iron lady mastanamma our now international granny!

  3. wanna hug to Oma…and kiss her 1000 times…
    stay healthy Oma..Godbless youu…

  4. this mastanamma patti is soo cute. and she must hv been a pretty young lady once. look at her now…she stil looks good. she must hv been a verry hardworking daughter, wife, daughter in law and grandma. a being who blonged to a very conservative and strict community towards females. yet.. she goes thru life with such a strong stance. she still can remember al, her finger licking recipes. fantastic. may Allah bless u patti….Ameen2!☺?

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