Villalobos Rescue Center Take in 7 Homeless Puppies | Pit Bulls & Parolees

Villalobos Rescue Center Take in 7 Homeless Puppies | Pit Bulls & Parolees
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When a homeless man asks Villalobos to take his puppies, Mariah and Marcel decide to help people living on the streets with their dogs. Follow the pair around as they spread the holiday spirit throughout the streets of New Orleans.

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  1. I love this so much! Why shouldnt homeless peeps be able to have dogs, if i was homeless i couldnt think of many better things then to have a dog in your life. Theres nothing wrong with needing help sometimes so you can care for your doggo the best possible way. I love these guys so much!

  2. I remember the first time – back when I was young – I saw a small group of homeless kids…who many referred to as "Gutterpunks" ( a word meant as a dehumanizing insult) sitting on a corner downtown. I normally passed right over people like them, not out of conscious meanness, just out of the same ingrained habit we have as a society to ignore such folk. But this time, for some reason, instead of continuing on I ducked into an eatery and ended up buying a whole bunch of meals and drinks, which I then took back and gave to them.
    I will never, ever, forget that the very first thing they did was to unwrap some of those big burgers and give them to the two dogs that were with them…before they even took a bite, or drink, for themselves.
    It is now many years later as I type this, and I just had to stop a minute so I could wipe the tears off my eyes. Those kids taught me to check myself when that ingrained habit kicks in. To look them in the eyes. To shake their hands. To stop making rash judgments, when I don't know what their road has been like, because I haven't walked in their shoes. To do what I can to help, because anybody can get their ass kicked hard by life, sometimes.
    The people that run and work at Villalobos are the kind of people we should all aspire to be.

  3. God I love you guys. It would be a dream to volunteer or work for you all. You're incredible people and the world needs more of you. Thank you so much for every single thing you do.

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  5. I have 4 inside and 5 outside dogs and 3 cats all so very well taken care of, I hate how people can abandon sweet souls that only want love. I mean if you cant dedicate 15 years then you shouldnt have one. I hate when people move and leave they pets like if u gome do that then y have em and most animals r so great with kids that I dont understand why people would get rid the animal like it never meant nothing that's is a shame to me.

  6. Watching these videos make me sad but happy. My dog (what we believed to have happened to him) was that he kept getting given up because he was constantly sick. He had allergies to chicken— which is most foods and treats— so when we first got him, we were really concerned because he was constantly throwing up and pooping blood. Once we found out it was so great, but it make us really sad he probably kept getting given back because of the allergies he has. We love him so much.

  7. I love all of you guys and gals!! Tia is an awesome woman. You all have awesome hearts and souls. Thank you so much for rescuing these sweet dogs. I've rescued my whole life. The poor voiceless thrown away animals, I paid all vet bills, got them healthy, gave them tons of love and kept them all. It's heartbreaking work, but all worth it. Thank you, Villaboros.

  8. Hey the flood Is going your way hope you guys are moving your DOGS good luck and did you all have people to help with all the work we just saw a show and y'all were cut off by the flood hope it all goes well

  9. You can see that Mirah and her boyfriend are on target with what it takes to help people out with pets, and that speaks lots about how wonderful she and her boyfriend are. I hope to see her and her boyfriend carry on the tradition her mother and sister and her set up with the main establishment of dog care. Also, educate people on dogs, and care and shots.

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