ROAD RAGE / ANGRY PEOPLE / Bad drivers compilation #7

ROAD RAGE / ANGRY PEOPLE / Bad drivers compilation #7
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ROAD RAGE / ANGRY PEOPLE / Bad drivers compilation #7 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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Ultimate Close Call Compilation 2016



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  1. Я просто гребаный дебил, который пытается использовать Google translate для оскорбления наших прекрасных русских! лол
    Спасибо за видео!

  2. At 2:46 the biker was right, that guy in his car was also right in that he did keep to the right but it still made him wrong, he did keep to the right, the car guy was seriously in the wrong, why? Well, why did he have to pull out then and not just give 2 seconds more then the road was all his? Then aggressively speed up and trap him in forcing the biker to stop. When that idiot got out his car and walked round he was lucky the biker was not violent because he was within hitting distance!
    I always think that in any dispute have your say but stay back, that way you are not threatening the other person with any physical attack, when you get within hitting distance in an argument then your asking for it. I don`t like to think that I would have punched that guy when he got out of his car but I think I probably would because his aggression and the quick way he walked round to the biker would have had me react by hitting him because I felt even by watching this video that he was walking round quick to punch the biker.

  3. Idk if it's just me…..but I love and find it hilarious when old people fight XD. Especially old white guys because they sound just like fraternity brothers lol. "

    "Go ahead man! Do it! Do it! Hit me you wanted it!"

    "You're not going to do shiiiaaaat mmmaan"

    "Fuck you man. Naw fuck you bro"

    "Your mom goes to college"


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