Sick homeless family of kittens is rescued from life on the streets.

Sick homeless family of kittens is rescued from life on the streets.
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Thank you JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick for saving them.

R.I.P Stevie.


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  1. Umm hope for paws can you help this dog I found?
    I live in applegate 44 D
    So please help
    It’s a girl and she looks really a bad
    I tried giving her water and she’s ok with that
    But she looks like she’s need some treatments

  2. Where's Mom?? Suggestion, Hope for Paws: you frequently complete the story of the kittens and leave the Mom out of it. I know you have the best of intentions, but can you let us know about the mother?

  3. What a shame about that stunning white cat Stevie. It sounds like you are hissing at the cats when you make that sound. It scares them. I cried when watching this but happy for the ones that could be saved.

  4. Ummm the purring video before telling us yeah we had to euthanize was not necessary. Didn’t really want to be in tears after a full hard week.

  5. Stevie was and is beautiful, she is truly one of the prettiest cats I have ever seen. fly high little one ? you are loved and remembered by thousands.

  6. While I understand euthanasia and when it is necessary. I still feel that if the cat is ok at the moment it should be able to live it's life until it can't anymore. I don't like taking someone's life just cause "it will eventually happen". Stevie deserved some time happy whilst being in good care.

  7. Awe this is great and it’s wonderful to see the remaining precious lives saved before it was too late. Also I know Stevie is watching her siblings in kitty heaven! Thanks so much hope for paws you guys are amazing! ?

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