Shadow Figure Caught On Camera By UK Ghost Hunters

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In this weeks “Uncovered” we are sent an interesting photo of a “shadow figure by a Ghost Hunting team based out of the UK.

Ghost Hunters Of Stockton On Tees’ Brian Pitt sent us this photo from his investigation of a historic pub. It was taken by a motion activated camera. In the photo you can see two investigators to the right. To the left, you can see a very clear image of a shadow figure. “This is 100% no mock up rubbish, we have since been back to The Don Bar Stockton on Tees but caught nothing, no EVP’s or orb photos” , claims Pitt.


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  1. At 2:00 pm i went to my room to take a nap and I heard a noise from my little sis’ toys box ( dulls and stuff) then i look around and a black shadow comes out from that box and stoped in front of me ( hairless guy ) look at me and I screamed and run a way of him ?? some one tell me pls what r they?

  2. DUDE COMMON MAN THE FIRST SECOND I SEEN THIS J COUKD TELL ITS FAKE. YOU PUT THIS ON KNOWING THAT JUST TO GET COMMENTS . WOW. Ask yourself why does the guy to the right look exactly like the shadow geez man

  3. That's an incredible photo of a shadow person. My father has seen one on more than one occasion over the course of his life, and he doesn't believe in that kind of stuff even despite the experiences. He saw one when he was staying at a friends house on tthe east side of Des Moines way back in the 70's and woke up and just saw a shadow figure standing in the hallway looking at him from the open bedroom door. The other one he saw was in a country house I grew up in on the second floor in the middle of the night when he was headed to the bathroom and from the hallway looking into the bathroom he saw a shadow figure standing in the bathroom of what he thought was my sister initially, and he even yelled at it thinking it was my sister, when he turned the light on no one was there.

  4. It would be cool to have the ghost hunter team that caught this pic on that night to send a group pick of all the people that were there, and we can look and see if he resembles anyone on the team. I saw what I thought to be an African American male walking quickly and was blurred by the camera……thanks!

  5. I've seen a shadow leave a body and walking very drunk then jump back into that body outside a bar from a drunk patron when I turned around going wtf three other people saw it too however it wasn't a dark black as black shadow but a fuzzy looking static shadow have been searching for months for an answer to that but to no avail as I've encountered very dark shadows before on investigation and at home once when I wokeup quickly. Anyway was interesting to say the least.

  6. Y not use D word "strange" instead of "creepy" ? Creepy is kinda outdated by now I should think ! Coz you're saying is that all our families, N loved ones R creepy !      NOT KOOL DUDE !!!

  7. You should check out the Wilson elementary school in lawton oklahoma
    Legend has it that radio's and lights
    Turned on by them selves!!! Doors opened by them selves as well!!!!!

  8. I'm not sure about this one. It could be a regular patron that has passed on but I don't think it's an old spirit. The jacket it has on looks modern to me.

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