Robin Hood Vs Sir Guy

Robin Hood Vs Sir Guy
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The sword fight from the Adventures of Robin Hood starring Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone. This is also the fight that started a lot of the sword fighting movie cliche’s. Enjoy!

Warner Bros own the rights to this film. I do not or claim to own the rights.


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  1. I Got An Idea I’m Robin Hood Your Friar Tuck I’ll Get Your Dad Camcorder And Do a Remake Of Their Sword Fight Using Our Boners

    Scene From I Love You Beth Cooper

  2. This is the most magnificent sword fight I have ever seen in any movie. Compare this one to the one in "The princess bride", (which I also love), and you see that this one is much faster. They were swinging at each other so fast that it actually looked like they were really trying to kill each other. A stunning piece of cinematic choreography.

  3. I just love watching these old sword fights, Captain Blood, Robin Hood Zorro etc. These guys weren't just actors, they knew how to use a sword.

  4. What a beautifully done scene. Errol was so quick and athletic, and just vicious. It is riveting watching these two. Sword fights in films today look so clumsy and staged compared to this. I love how fast they move. It makes it feel like they’re really fighting for their lives.

  5. This sword fight actually inspired the choreography for the fight between Justin and Jenner in "The Secret of NIMH" look at the stunt with the table.

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