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  1. There is one animal on this
    earth that can take on any wild and vicious animal. And that's the "Honey
    Badger". I dare you to challenge what I said. For example: a large Bear
    pissed off a mother honey badger, so she ate a hole into the bears stomach so
    fast it died on the spot!!!

  2. This is ridiculous. You mean to tell me with all the cell phones out there this is the only footage you can get? I want to see a pit get owned like that tiger did to one in that other video. That shit was fantastic. The pit squealed like a little bitch.

  3. Civilians are digusting they know there are dangerous animals in their area they won't stay outside but they leave their pets outside what do you think would happen , stupid dumb ass civilians .

  4. how dumbass are these owners they knew theres a wild predator roaming in their area yet they still let their pet sleep outside they should be sued

  5. Yo la verdad que no los entiendo a está manga de pelotudos parece que los ponen a propósito a mi no se me escapa uno los hago mierda a todos mira si me van a comer mi perro no dejo uno vivo no me importa nada

  6. Mais ptn vous êtes trisomique de prendre du plaisir à regarder ça vous mériter la morts bande de morts vous êtes vide d âme. Un jour vous serez la bête entrain de souffrir et de crier à la mort et moi je serai celui qui vous fera crier et je filmerai la scène pour montrer à quel point vous êtes des merdes. Ce contenu choquant n'a rien à faire sur cette plate-forme et il devrai même pas exister et il y a rien de scientifique là dedant.

  7. I would love to come face to face with owners of these dogs.these stupid fucks tie their dogs up when they know there are predators around it take a real shitbag person to do shit like this?

  8. Enjoyable to watch. Not to listen to. Seems every wildlife video uses the same old background music.
    Maybe if the pet owners would get some real dogs a lot of this could be avoided

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