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Join Joe, Steph, Rob and Cait as we explore the “ABANDONED COUNTRY CLUB” This place seems to be filled with voices, we believe may even be demonic. Join us on a scary ghost hunt to one of the most haunted places we know. Thank you for watching and Please Check out our friends channels below.

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  1. I find it so sad, you pray and immediately after you start CURSING, do you even care kids are watching these videos and this is the example of Godliness you are teaching them, smh, sir you are held responsible for all the missguided souls that some how believe, your filthy mouth is ok with God, be holy for he is holy

  2. Joe and rob you guy's keep doing what you to do I love seeing that they are still good down to earth people out there you can't find to many people like that it's more the so called modern day people and what ever that means ??? you're either good people or just an ass hat in my book so keep up the great work I love watching you're video's so God bless the both of you and keep you're heads up I know what you go through not seeing you're kids and rob I really know what you are going through with not seeing you're kids and not knowing were he is just know he is asking his mother every day were my daddy and he knows you love him so don't ever give up hope my friend keep you're head up and you will find him I'm praying for you every day on that I went through it even though !y kids don't talk to me witch hurts but they know at least I tried to be there for them and I always love them it's the only thing I ever kept telling them and I will always be there for them so I did my part it's the only thing you can do so keep you're head up bro always ?????

  3. Your videos always put me on edge in these places. My heart is pounding! ? Spooky! That growl was horrible! Sounded like it was right next to you! X?

  4. Joe you need to listen to the song rise up by imagine dragons I think it relates to you. Wow I can hear that so clearly. yes it's haunted! At 23:18 when you put ???? It said I'm coming to get y'all or I'm watching y'all.

  5. 26:04 something sparkly just flew across the floor going towards the camera (right above the words "Joe's static camera).
    26:43 another sparkly "something" (orb?) flew along the floor towards Joe's camera.
    29:02 something black (large insect, small bat?) Flew from left to right and landed on one of the light fixtures (4th one from the back wall I think). Not sure what it was. It flew from one side of the light to the other. Made a circle under the fan blade and then landed on the light next to the fan blade.

  6. You sure show a lot of disrespect you open the red cabinet or why didn't you close a bag show some respect even if the place is in a dump and trashed shows her respect your decent remember that people see

  7. 28.57 top middle left of screen on the ceiling. A small black object appears, moves towards middle of screen on ceiling and t hen there is a tapping sound?

  8. This to me has to be THEE MOST EPIC VIDEO EVER with EVP'S! This actual video looks & feels like an old school explore of an amazing abandoned building. Even though they have been there, it just felt so authentic, & real! And personal, it ALMOST felt to me, like back in the day…….
    I really want to go explore an abandoned building myself, but I need some backup. Some savage! I DON'T have anyone that will go with me. It's not to film for YouTube or a channel or ANYTHING. Don't have one. I, PERSONALLY WANT the experience & the explore! I don't live to far from you guys! (Largo)
    #UGUE Help a girl out with her dream! It's my dream to do an adventure like this whether it's a cemetery or an an abandoned building! I honestly don't care. As long as I have the guidance, protection, strength, & knowledge from the best!
    Sending all my love from Largo, Florida! ❤❤????

  9. Great amazing and awesome video joe this place is definitely amazing and awesome but also creepy and spooky and haunted and plus you definitely sure can hear major voices saying I'm am here after you asked if anybody is here and the same voice said I'm am evil and then it said satan and then it said I'm am right here and plus a voice said private room and a voice said what the Fuck after you opened the back bathroom and another voice said I hide in here and then a voice said I won't or I won and then you definitely can hear a female voice said hi and the same female voice said I want you and then she said I want you baby and then another voice said I'm am here and plus you definitely can hear a evil growl and plus a evil hiss and God bless you and rob and steph and her friend and peace.

  10. I heard that hi !? and again I hear a sigh at 20::20 OMG OMG ?What the fudge?!!!! 23:21 a demonic voice saying SATAN wants you??????????????? 24:52! Creepy voice saying that they knew you were going to come?? 26:44! That AMEN was creepy and so was the breathing????

  11. I don't know Why but Every time Joes Says is anybody in here I want the ghost to be a smart ass and Say something like Your Mom is Or something like that

  12. OMG Guys & Gals, I believe that was about the Best Audio Evidence U ever Captured!
    BUT other than that nothing really happened!
    I'm sorry Brau but I personally didn't hear a whole lot but U guys were reacting to a Bunch!
    Definitely that ought to Prove how Mega Haunted it was!

  13. I can't believe I missed this video..Well I'm gonna watch it now..Stay safe y'all..That place has really been trashed…Wow…There is so many evp's coming thru,It's like every Spirit wants to be heard…crazy man…@29:44 the first window to the right closest to Joe's camera looks as if it's a stick like spirit trying to form…I will say every since Joe mentioned Christmas items everywhere ya's go…I've noticed he was right…every video I watch no matter who it is there is a Christmas item…Joe by the time y'all are done you're gonna need to be wrung out..lolo..Great video Ladies & Gents…

  14. On the photos….the business probably was making some kind of celebration board and needed ENLARGED PHOTOS OF FACES, and used the only ones that were right. Back in, "the day," i use to get photos enlarged for celebration events, for clients. I had several of those, "heads cut-off," left over.

    Just a guess

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