10 Megalodon Sightings Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life!

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Megalodons were the ruler of the seas when the dinosaurs were around. They were massive in size and some people still believe that megalodons may still be lurking beneath us. Whether or not you believe these videos are real, we found 10 of the scariest sightings of megalodons caught on camera.

10. 40-Feet Long Shark

9. 30 Foot Whale Shark


7. Megalodon sighted in Mariana Trench

6. Megalodon attacks whale Nov 2013

5. Giant Megalodon Shark Washed Ashore

4. Massive Great White Shark

2. ??
1. ?

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  1. 1. This is a video of a basking shark filmed in Panama City, Florida. Basking sharks are docile filter feeders.

    2. I can't even see the shark because of the way you edited the video. I could identify the shark if I could see the original video.

    3. This is a video of a great white shark breaching, as they often do when hunting prey on the surface such as seals.

    4. This is a video of a Great White Shark.

    5. This is a video of a dead basking shark.

    6. This is a fake clip from the fake documentary "Megalodon, the Monster Shark Lives".

    7. This is a video of a pacific sleeper shark in Japan.

    8. This is a video of a six gilled shark.

    9. This is a video of a whale shark.

    10. This is a video of a dead whale shark. You lied that islt is too big to be a whale shatk. This is NOT proof of a megalodon.

  2. The one that is jumping out of the water is just a great white just enlarged you can find the real vid of the great white on history channel

  3. Great Whites attack that way….they will be deep down where u cant see them and then they will swim straight up hitting their intended prey and straight up out of the water……this is not something new for great whites

  4. That last shark IS a whale shark!
    I saw it on the news and that is the biggest whale shark that ever have been seen. And it is dead, sadly.

  5. that black shark is a basking shark an its not even 20 ft long I have that same kayak an its ony 8 ft long inless the guy inside its 10 feet tall     the 2nd shark was 18 ft long an she was pregnant an they tagged her in the episode       the 3rd shark video was taken off the coast of south Africa I think I do know they where taping fly great white sharks hunting seals near seal island they had that on shark week on discovery channel look up flying sharks they jump higher then that its insane            that whale attack was CGI as hell the whale tail from the first whale didn't even move right an the look of the video looks completely CGI water doesn't move that way there would have been more movement       the shark from japan is a 6 gill an it was filmed in the marina trench ever one knows where that is right  google it              did you even do any research at all that 6 gill shark was filmed by a researcher that was looking for life at the bottom of the Mariana trench an it was filmed 7 miles under the water agent on shark week an it was only 25 ft long      the 2 last shark are whale sharks an there filter feeders  the eat plankton lol

  6. Yes sharks do jump up!!! It's a rather normal hunting technique for great white's they do it at Australia and South Africa and maybe at other places too(animal planet, discovery channel and national geographic)

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