GIANT MEAT BALLS in Lebanon – Special KIBBEH Lebanese Food!

GIANT MEAT BALLS in Lebanon - Special KIBBEH Lebanese Food!
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ZGHARTA, LEBANON – When it comes to kibbeh in Lebanon, this is the village that’s made a name for itself throughout Lebanon. And before today, the only kibbeh I was really familiar with was the oval shaped little deep fried ones. It was learning experience, and I now realize why kibbeh and all its various shapes and sizes is truly one of the most special dishes of Lebanese cuisine. #Lebanon #LebaneseFood #food

Almerdeshiyeh Soutou Restaurant ( – We arrived to the restaurant and had some breakfast next to the river before proceeding with the cooking for the day. Then we got started making a few variations of kibbeh.

What is Kibbeh? – Combination of bulgur, minced meat, spices, and can be made into many formations.

We had kibbeh nayyeh – the raw meat version, kibbeh in a big flat circular pan (cooked in the fire oven), fried kibbeh, and finally the king of all kibbeh – giant meat balls filled with lamb fat and grilled.

It was an amazing meal, with similar ingredients making up each type of kibbeh but with endless shapes and sizes. Another incredible Lebanese food meal in Lebanon!

Thank you to USAID – My visit to Lebanon was supported by the USAID Lebanon Enterprise Development Project.

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  1. Mark Wien has made us realize that every country has a very good side, just because of Mark i have added Lebanon and Pakistan on my bucket list of countries to visit, much love from Kenya.

  2. U havent tasted Kebbeh and co if u didnt eat it southern way
    Make ur way To the south mark u wont regret it

  3. I've heard good things about the north of Lebanon. The video confirms that. PS: Consider traveling to Georgia (the country not the state).

  4. Mark removes posts hes not a chef has no clue about culture drowns all his food in sauce so cant taste it anyway. He then abuses poor people in villages for his vlogs.. He will remove this post aswell so just hope you can read it first

  5. The more you remove the more ill post anyway so lets see how it goes. Stock up on sauce Mark tobasco and prik , you have no clue what you are eating

  6. Your play is over Mark, same story same pattern in every single video, cheesy bites cheesy talk even there is not enough cheese there, you put so much sugar in ur script just to sell ur videos, better be honest and simple with ppl

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