Spectacular car crash caught on camera in Boston

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A former doctor of the year has pleaded not guilty to driving drunk and under the influence of prescription drugs, following this spectacular car crash in Boston, USA. Report by Mark Morris.

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  1. The reputation of the driver, be it good or bad, DOESN'T MATTER! She was drunk & high, & could have killed the man she hit or anyone else! Who cares if she's a doctor or not! She shouldn't be driving drunk & high! PERIOD!

  2. cuz alcohol kills a hell of a lot more…thus making their depopulation agenda (if you believe in it) a lot easier for them…in other words, it slowly gets rid of all the dumb fucks who drive drunk all the time, weed doesnt impair one vision as bad unless you're smoking on that gooood shit hahaaa

  3. nothing spectacular about this. In Russia its much worse than this, yet it doesn't get in the media since it happens so often

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