10 Biggest Sea Creatures Ever Caught

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SyFy recently aired the third film in their so-bad-its-good “Sharknado” series, prompting some to wonder if airborne, tornado-based sharks could actually be real. Okay, so no one is really wondering that. Still, though, the ocean continues to represent a great unknown to us, providing home to countless species, many of which remain a mystery to humanity. The more we learn about what lurks deep below the surface, the more we realize still remains uncovered. With two-thirds of the Earth’s surface covered in water, it stands to reason that a great deal of that space remains unexplored. Of course, just because humankind hasn’t covered every iota of ground along the ocean floor, it doesn’t mean that those areas are uninhabited.

All we know for sure is that the truly deepest depths of the world’s oceans continue to offer surprises, even as scientific technology becomes increasingly advanced. New species unlike any others known before are routinely discovered, with entirely new and alien biomes in extreme environments that no life had even been thought possible have challenged our very notions of what life is and how it has evolved. Amidst the cold darkness of a low-lying ocean area with depths that no sunlight can penetrate lies an alien world of incredibly rare and mysterious species. While many are simple, harmless omnivores, they share the ocean floor with some pretty unsettling forces.

These ocean-based creatures – those that we know about, anyway – change everything we think we know about fish. Each one has at least one predominant feature that stands out as being unlike anything seen before. Think you know sharks? Well, how about one with a saw-like nose or a frilly, eel-like body. Think you’ve seen some big fish? How about a 17-metre long swimmer or a 900-pound squid or even a 5,000-pound behemoth sunfish? Lurking within the ocean are a number of deadly, threatening, vicious creatures that are naturally designed and programmed to hunt and stalk their prey. Thankfully, most of these monsters live at pressures that humans could never survive at – not that they would survive long down there, anyway.

In recent years, Hollywood has sparked a fascination with zombies, aliens and other forces that exist beyond the realms of our planet and that are not steeped in reality. Despite that, some of the strangest and most terrifying creatures in the universe lie beneath the surface of bodies of water with which we are, at least partially, familiar. As we sit on a beach staring out at the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean, we remain blissfully oblivious to all that lurks within.

This list seeks to open the door to an entire world of deep sea activity, featuring a cast of creepy and spooky characters that few even know exist. These 10 fish, some of whom may seem to be borne out of your darkest nightmares, are all very real and may give you second thoughts the next time you foray into the ocean. And these are just the ones we know about…

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