Rescued Calf And Little Boy Grow Up Together | The Dodo

Rescued Calf And Little Boy Grow Up Together | The Dodo
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Rescued Calf And Little Boy Grow Up Together | This baby cow was rescued from a hurricane and became best friends with a little boy ?❤️

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  1. If you westerners knew anything than you would know cows feel the most emotions in animal kingdom. Have one as pet and your child will have the best milk and your family would never have bad days unless you treat the cow bad

  2. We Indians telling this thing the whole time. My family have 3 cows and my mom always treating them as babies. I am from Tamil Nadu, South India. Here cows are sacred and we celebrate a separate festival for cows.

  3. We had a Hereford cow we called Bertha! And she had Brinko, a bull calf that loved to play with us! My Grandparents came to visit one year, and one day Gramps went out to play ball with us. My brother, sister, and of course, Brinko! I guess we were teasing the calf too much, so when Gramps bent over to pick up the ball, Brinko butted him in the butt, knocking him to the ground! We laugh every time the story comes up. You treat any animal with love, they will respond in kind!

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