Man Saves Dog From Hot Car by Smashing Window | NowThis

Man Saves Dog From Hot Car by Smashing Window | NowThis
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This couple broke into a stranger’s car to rescue a dog who was left alone in 90º heat in Albuquerque.
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In US news and local news from Albuquerque, New Mexico, a couple is seen making an animal rescue when they found this dog left in hot car. Leaving a dog in hot car is extremely dangerous for the dog. Hot car deaths can happen quickly without a dog rescue. This hot car rescue saved the dog trapped in car by smashing the car window. Is it legal to smash a car window to save a dog? It is legal in some states to smash a car window to save a dog or child stuck in the hot car. These good samaritans saved a dog’s life.

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  1. Poor baby. It was 110F here today in Northern California, and as I got in my car to drive home from work I remarked to myself, 'God I hope nobody leaves their dog or child in the car today" because it will most certainly kill anything. Do not EVER think a quick jaunt into the store is okay with a dog or child left in the car, five minutes can raise the temperature way too high even with windows cracked.

  2. Poor animals. They suffer at the hands of ignorant humans. I seriously hope that the selfish, loser owner of this poor dog, is fined and learns his/her lesson and doesn't endanger the life of his/her animal ever again!!!!!

  3. My hero! If I ever leave one of my dogs in a car like this, do the same thing please, and then beat me over the head with that tire iron. Good job Bro!

  4. Good for them. Bystander effect is real and they could have easily just moved on with their day. I'm glad to hear the owner is facing charges.

  5. This is either staged or the guy who broke the window is very lucky that the dogs owner was actually a decent person. I leave the air conditioning on, so break my window and harm my dog, you better run

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