What Are ADC Mechanics ??! – Best ADC 2019 Plays Compilation #15 (League of Legends)

What Are ADC Mechanics ??! - Best ADC 2019 Plays Compilation #15 (League of Legends)
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What Are ADC Mechanics ??! – Best ADC 2019 Plays Compilation #15 (League of Legends)
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? Mid Lane Tier List – Highest Ban Rate:
Akali, Yasuo, Zed, Kassadin, LeBlanc, Sylas

? Support Tier List – Highest Ban Rate:
Morgana, Pyke, Alistar, Blitzcrank, Brand, Sylas

? ADC Tier List – Highest Ban Rate:
Kai’Sa, Draven, Lucian, Jhin, Miss Fortune


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  1. 90% of the time the enemy litterly runs down, someone from the team saves them or they are just MORBIDLY FED. there were clips with 8k or more gold lead and not just one. ADC mechanics only consist of kiting,landing abilities which most are not to hard to do as a lot is just buff or an easy skill shot. the only thing dificult about adc is not blindly attacking but the one closest/highest threat to YOURSELF, and swapping between enemy you hit

  2. Top ad gánh team, bốc hơi mọi đối thủ
    2. Twich,
    6. Qin
    7. Kalita

  3. Ad: 2k19 ADC trở nên bất khả chết bại
    Kayn 500 stack linh hồn full sát lực dạng bóng tối: cút về bệ đá cổ nhanh lên :>

  4. Full bullshit , every times thoses adc are feed and outLvl theyre opponent with 2 or 3 Lvs . . . .thoses moves are good but not without any explanations

  5. 2k19 là cmg ??? 200019 ??? Cái nút ghi k thì ghi số 0 vào có phải đỡ đau mắt hơn k ??? Người Việt dùng từ V dùm

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