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  1. Any white person commenting with racial remarks, just search white people fights and you will find the same category of videos. It's a cultural thing ppl fight plain and simple.

  2. I see alot of unnecessary comments like really if you don't like it y watch it just to talk about someone but that's none of my business and the dude holding the camera not such a good job.

  3. Karl kisl. Hey I agree with your connent. The black people are the only not the only look and sound crazy. Its also these small minded people that making these racial comments about them. I'm black. And I didn't have my dad or mom. And now I'm off going medical school. I appericate u not being so closed minded

  4. Wow. Way to raise a punk. Then them same woman are gonna be sitting around crying when their sad ass kids are in prison. Look what they had as role models.

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