5 Ghosts Caught On CCTV

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5 ghosts caught on CCTV. From a centuries old ghostly drummer boy to a spooky face peering from a window, join us as we take a look at 5 real ghosts caught on tape. http://bit.ly/Channel_Subscribe
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  1. There was a CCTV camera below the person who shot the video. Someone was looking at that camera saw the same thing and manually turned the other CCTV camera around hoping to get a better view.

  2. In the last one, right as the tables slide to the door and the woman moves to the back of the room and starts to pass out, I noticed a shadow in the corner of the screen and move off Camera

    ○=women □=tables ●=shadow |=edge of screen vew

    | ○ |

  3. 1:28 This is kinda cool……after the plate flew of the table you can see that the table tillts just a tiny bit….like someone was leaning on it to get up…..you can see it better on fullscreen

  4. What did the commentator said @02:35??? What he captured is truely … >>>stabeling<<<? Sorry i am from Germany and i don't understand what he said! :))) But that white shadow long "arm" looks really really creepy, oh shit horrirfied, now i can't sleep without thinking of this scary weired long "arm"

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