This video needs to be shown in the driving school #816

This video needs to be shown in the driving school #816
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This video needs to be shown in the driving school #816 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. Would carry pepper spray if I lived there because many thugs like the idiot in the Range Rover need their attitudes calibrated with a nice face full of it!

  2. The Range Rover guy appears to be a transsexual trying to pick up the other driver for a mid-afternoon tryst.That's my considered opinion after considering all the testimony and video evidence presented here.

  3. I have to admit 08:39 gave me a little bit of pleasure; entitled motorcyclists claiming they never do anything wrong, claiming it's always the cars that are the problem. How are all your "superior riding skills" working out for ya as you're faceplanting the asphalt? Pick a lane!!! Stay in it!!!

  4. I always double check before changing lanes or pulling out into a street but from your videos I learned to always assume everyone driving is brain damaged and people expect a big tip when they leap onto the hood of your car.

  5. On the last clip, regardless what the first car, the arsehole in the Rover has no excuse for acting like a spoiled child. If it was me I'd ban him for life as he is obviously mentally unstable to be driving.

  6. That last video shows the perfect example of what is wrong with people on the road today: the range Rover driver was nothing but a provoking, self-entitled jackass who thinks the world should vote to him. One of those people who feel like they can do whatever they want. One of these days he'll pull that on the wrong person, and then get what he deserves.

  7. Well in that last clip with the guy in the Range Rover I think he thought since you drove an expensive car he was better than anyone else. Then those were some vicious wrecks in this video

  8. Russia is home to the really ghetto accidents where guns are drawn, while China is home to the really weird accidents where a dildo or a wooden sword is drawn.

  9. Do "slow down" and "pay attention" mean nothing to anyone anymore? My car's resale value plummeted from being rear-ended BEFORE I EVEN HAD MY FIRST FREAKING OIL CHANGE.

  10. It's such a childish behavior from the last two. especially the guy with the white car. come on grow up and become an adult, kiddos. I'm shaming for them that they act so stupid

  11. From what I have read, most people from Russia don't go to driving school.  They don't take any kind of classes or road courses.  They only have about an hour to learn what they learn and that's it.  That's why they are such bad drivers.

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