Petra's debut on ANIMAL PLANET!!!

Petra's debut on ANIMAL PLANET!!!
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  1. You probably know more than me about how well they can handle noise but if you made it that loud only for it to be audible on the video then please keep in mind there are other ways to do that. You can extract the audio signal and add it to the video afterwards, if you need help on this don't hesitate to get in touch

  2. I forget to add…. Anything over 15 Seconds is a Violation of Copyrights! So if you see People taking clips from your Video more than 15 Seconds…. They are violating your copyrights!

  3. You can easily report them to YouTube. Someone did it to my Video too and I report it and YouTube took it off. A Sign in the Background would be a great idea!

  4. I now want cake… I already want an african grey! Researching more than half my life! One day maybe! Congrats Petra! You're the real star!!!

  5. The explanations of the African Grey’s unique physiology were fascinating. So sorry that Petra’s name ended up on the cutting room floor?.

  6. It annoys me when they use only 1 form of testing to determine intelligence, that is like saying Mozart was intelligent as he could read and compose music, but he could not balance a cheque book, or plug in a VCR, so this is the same, intelligence is problem solving, communicating, getting your needs/wants/desires as a parrot understood by the human carer, Griffon might be vocal, count to 3, know what wool is, but he cannot express his desire for a shower, I had an Indian Ring Neck, common average bird, but Ivy could solve problems, figure out solutions, and yes she had a small limited vocabulary. Her intelligence was demonstrated by repeated actions, that once I understood, it became language, for example a certain wing flapping at a corner of the cage, meant she wanted to bath, if she wanted to go to bed, this was indicated by going in her cage…

    She solved problems of how to open doors, we could not teach her how to open a door, but she figured out that by landing at a certain angle, at a certain speed, the force of impact popped the door, she learned to climb around partly open doors, how to use her beak and swing through the gap..

    If at night there was a bug in her cage, and it was dark, she learned to ring the toy bell, and I would come and kill the bug, repeated use re-inforced this, this was not a human teaching bird, but a bird using a tool to reach a solution…

    The use of the word intelligence is misleading and wrong, it is not intelligent, it is good memory, a party trick at best, birds that use sticks to open things, that is intelligence, problem solving is the goal, you want something, and how you get to that goal is the use of brain, using various methods is intelligence, language words is not!

    I will never accept word association as intelligence, I believe Dr Pepperburg is an academic fraud, she has not demonstrated any form of viable intelligence, basically this is just a made for tv party trick, a parlor game. It is of no scientific merit, her conclusions are immature and of no merit!

  7. They should have said her name and she even noticed it! But hey at least she is going to be on an upcoming episode! Poor Petra's feelings were hurt! ? Made me sad too. Oh bless her heart! We love you Petra and just for the record you are prettier and smarter than that Harvard bird! ???

  8. 1:18 Did she cursed? Has Petra been talking to Ruby? Lol.

    In all seriousness it's awesome for her to get attention by the wider audience. African Greys are great animals!

  9. It took Petra 5 minutes to look at the screen, typical for greys. My Koko would fly to the top of the screen at first sight of another grey. He does that even with african grey photo wall calendar.

  10. I’m sad with Petra. It’s ok though. I can see as much of Petra as I want on YT. THAT makes me happy.

    Another theft of your material? I’ve seen some videos on YT that have watermark on them. Maybe you need to check into that.

  11. Well, how rude of Animal Planet to not include video of Petra. She's adorable and should be seen on TV. If you find out if/when this will be shown in America, let us know. Meanwhile, I'll keep an eye on the programming on Animal Planet here. Good girl, Petra. Mom…give her a nut for us. We love her.

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