8 most inspiring animals rescues

8 most inspiring animals rescues
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Awesome Animals here!
Unfortunately, cats get in different dangerous horrifying situations.
They might rely only on a human’s help to be saved.
This is the second part of the most inspiring car rescues!
Guys, take care of your pets and help the abandoned animals!
Remember, their life is so hard especially now when it is winter!
We can make our world kinder and more mercy.

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  1. We actually saved my cat from starvation in 2014. He hid in our bushes for 6 months and never made a sound. We took him to the vet and he was 5 pounds. We took him home and fed him tons of food and he was safe. Later we met his old owner and she said he can be ours.

  2. I seen Sophie Marie of kittens and its mother outside of my house they're in my old dog house and I took them out and we waited for them to get better and we took them to a rescue

  3. we found 7 small kitten's under my moms ambulance tire and one had a hurt paw and we were its only hope 2 have homes were out of what my mom has and when we can't find home for its name is Tiger it's a cute energetic kitten so please pray ? that we find her a good home soon

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