Zoo Animals vs Kids! | Video Digest

Zoo Animals vs Kids! | Video Digest
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A funny compilation of kids having fun with animals at the zoo or being terrified of them. Definitely worth a watch!


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  1. I know its funny to see these kids playing with these wild animals, but take out that glass, it won't be funny anymore guys ….those animals are not playing they see the kids as food, especially those Lions.

  2. The "love" of the mother, when the boy is in full true panic at 4:40 and she's laughing 'cause it's funny (for her), while the father invites him to get close to help him… this video is going to explain a lot of things to the boy about his relationship with women, when he's going to grow up.

  3. I think the male lion wanted to laugh when he scared the little ? off what do you think….. and I think almost all male animals hate kids lol

  4. I feel like zoos are deeply misunderstood. I understand and agree. Keeping animals in cages and behind glass is sad, but there are some quality zoos out there that help animals. In fact, most zoos have rules that they follow in order to keep the animals "happy" and comfortable. Zoos aren't perfect, but they do their best. Some animals they have, they have because they're helping the animal get better, the animal could have a disability that could keep it from living in the wild, and the animal could have been abandoned or injured. Most zoos try to do their best for their animals. I'm not saying all zoos are grand and spectacular, but some zoos actually help animals in a bittersweet way. True, they keep animals in smaller spaces and keep animals from learning lots of things like they would in the wild, but they provide the animals with shelter, food, and water, and don't give them the threat of predators, or having to find a mate.

    And everyone seems to forget the educational part of zoos. Zoos are there to teach kids and adults about the animals and hopefully give people the drive to protect these animals.

    Now again, not all zoos are perfect, take sea-world for example. But that doesn't mean ALL of them are bad. And the reason on why zoos can't just release their animals back, is because if those animals were raised, brought and then kept for a long time, or were born in captivity, then the chances of them surviving in the wild is extremely slim. Especially if they have a disability. So honestly, it would be crueler to release them back just like that, then to keep them in a humane way.

    As for the zoos that abuse and mistreat animals, those animals should be moved to a better zoo or to a sanctuary, and the owners should be put behind bars.

  5. God didn't put animals here to be in captivity they are to be free in their own habitat they all need to be free it's all about money but one day they will be free when God takes his animals back these animals are suffering in the zoo's , Sea world or any place where they keep animals just to make money off of them .

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