The Story of How a Pit Bull Changed His Mom's Life Forever | The Dodo Pittie Nation

The Story of How a Pit Bull Changed His Mom's Life Forever | The Dodo Pittie Nation
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This is story of how Kilo the pit bull changed his mom’s life forever. Candice was going through a tough time in her life so she decided to start volunteering at an animal shelter, where she met Kilo. She rescued him, and he saved her right back.

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  1. My baby who saved me was a budgie. He was my soulmate and my everything. He knew over 50 words and phrases and when I was crying he would lick my tears and say 'aw, it's ok, I love you' which is what I would say to him when he was scared or upset. Animals have so much purpose and are usually treated like second hand garbage. We definitely don't deserve animals love.

  2. I don’t get some things, they rescue the dog but give them a limited time to get adopted and if they don’t they put him down, is that really saving them?

  3. Well, I am bawling by rear off like a baby! Kilo is beautiful, so sweet, so kind, and this relationship was meant to be. Thank goodness you have a wonderful, supportive husband who loves you dearly and just wants to make you happy! It breaks my heart that dogs like Kilo are being put down daily. I could never work at a kill shelter, no way, I would be crying all the time, and wanting to adopt all of them, but that being impossible, as it takes money to adopt a dog or cat with best food, Vet bills no matter what comes up, you do not put them down, you try and save your furry child. We have got to stop this back yard breeding and stop killing innocent animals like Kilo whose only crime is wanting a loving home. Bless you and Kilo, what a beautiful, bitter/sweet story! God blessed you both!

  4. This is such a sweet story. If more of us start listening to our hearts our world can become more beautiful. I know it sounds cheesy but I haven't given up on humanity yet. Thanks for this post.

  5. Pitbulls have the wrong reputation. I have a pit bull and even though the change in my life wasn’t as dramatic my world was changed by the happiness brought to me. She would not hurt a fly. When other people have dogs at a park they will hide behind a bush until we pass. Or they will be like oh she is so cute and ask what type and as if the word pit bull changes my dogs appearance. I hope this will help a pit bulls reputation it is inspiring.

  6. I find it really unfair that dogs who stay in shelters for extended periods of time have to be put down if no one adopts them. What if the day after a dog was put down a person who had interest in it wanted to take it home? It's just not right.

  7. I’d love to be able to share Me and Holly’s store on here. Holly is a rescued pit bull terrier and my psychiatric service dog. She saved me and has allowed me to live again after I thought I’d never have a normal life.

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