TOP 10 Ghost Caught On Camera (Real Ghosts Caught On Tape)

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Truly amazing footage showing real ghosts caught on camera. From CCTV or homemade footage check out these ghosts

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TOP 10 Ghost Caught On Camera (Real Ghosts Caught On Tape) script

Hey guys and welcome to listed if this has ever happened to you then And in today’s video I will be doing the Top 10 ghost caught on camera And just for fun comment below if you have ever seen a ghost if you like this video then please give it thumbs up and subscribe to listed for more weekly lists style videos.
So lets being the Top 10 ghost caught on camera

First up on the Top 10 ghost caught on camera we have a maintenance man checking a ride in Disney when all of a sudden a strange shadowy figure of a person appears, watch this one.

Next up we have a clip from a CCTV camera from England. This was taken in Hampton palace court and shows a figure dressed in
medieval clothes slamming a door open and close there is something unsettling about this.

We have another clip from Disney land this time during a firework display and the story goes the women shooting this video never noticed a ghost like figure standing on the roof during the firework display until she got home. What do you think it is, some people say its just the maintenance man enjoying the show. Watch this one.

Next clip comes from a baby monitor and you can see a whitish figure hover over the sleeping baby , strange so check this out.

This next clip has to be one of the creepiest ones I have ever seen, I wound run this for you but keep an eye on the doorway of
the girls room. Comment below if this clip freaks you out.

Watch for a ghostly figure join the person sitting on the rollercoaster ride on the top right hand side. The ghostly figure walks on from the left. This is a famous Disney ghost called the one way man as he always joins this ride but is gone by the time the ride finishes. Watch this one.

This next clip shows what looks like a ghost teleporting in to the road to save a motorcyclist from being hit by a car. This one is crazy so watch this.

Next up on the Top 10 ghost caught on camera we have a women walking down a flight of stairs when sudden a ghostly figure is caught on camera and seems to chase her so check this one out.

The next clip is a shadowy figure that appears to be walking over the side a tall building. This one mores really creepy so watch this one.

The last clip is probably the most horrifying ghost clip court on camera, a warning before you watch this one just make sure you are not alone. well you have seen warned, viewer beware you’re in for a scare.

Thanks for watching the Top 10 ghost caught on camera I hope you have enjoyed it. And as you have gotten this far why not subscribe to listed for more weekly list style videos.
and check out some of my other videos that will appear on the screen as I talking. Well until next time see you later.


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