Something EXTREME had to be done in order to save this homeless dog. DON'T BLINK or you'll miss it!

Something EXTREME had to be done in order to save this homeless dog.  DON'T BLINK or you'll miss it!
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DO NOT TRY THIS!!! This method can result in a serious injury!!!
I really don’t like using this method – especially knowing it will cost me in a painful bite, but I had no choice here. Luckily, I had Loreta Frankonyte with me who helped me secure little Opal.

We do this because we love what we do and we need your support so more important rescues like this can happen. If you enjoy our rescue videos, please make a $5 donation and help us save many more animals in need. Making a donation will take just 2 minutes of your time:

Opal needs a very special home for someone who will give her endless love, someone who will hug her and will continue the amazing work that her foster mom is doing.

To apply to adopt Opal, please contact our friends at:

Please share this video and help us find her that special home.

Thanks 🙂


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  1. Omg I almost started crying when y’all finally got her she was so scared she reminds me of my dog because my dog been through something before my parents got her we have no clue what the other people did to her she gets scared very easily and she doesn’t really like to be alone so she follows me everywhere which I don’t mind since she’s my dog and I love being around her I would feel so lost if I didn’t had her I have depression and anxiety and was born with spina bifida and also had fluid in my head and I think she knows because she is VERY protective of me

  2. Opal… Opal.. how nice you are. Now you are saved girl… Thank you Angel's, Hope For Paws… your videos make me cry of love. O Friends of Mercy of God. Gbu.❤???????❤??????

  3. I know she bit you! You are amazing and such a cool had in a stressful situation!! Opal is a lucky dog and we are all lucky that you are out there rescuing them!

  4. I understand why u did it but you had to now the Lil pup/dog is happy and she/he might found a lovable home with her new adopting family!

  5. I hope everyone watching this does understand why you grabbed her quickly like that. If he had not she could have gotten hit by a vehicle trying to get away and that little girl was quick since she manage to elude the cage. And kudos to you for holding on knowing that she was probably going to bite you.
    And I hope that others watching this do NOT do this themselves if at all possible. A dog no matter the size can rip into you very quickly and very badly. You can risk injuring the dog also. Thank you Hope for Paws for all the work you do.

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