EXTREME Street Food in MALAYSIA!!! BIGGEST OMELETTE MASTER (100 Eggs) + BEST Street Food of Malaysia

EXTREME Street Food in MALAYSIA!!! BIGGEST OMELETTE MASTER (100 Eggs) + BEST Street Food of Malaysia
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► More Street Food in Malaysia: https://youtu.be/-zRU4Ws59MY
This is part 2 of 7 of our ULTIMATE Street Food of Malaysia ROAD TRIP!!!
Get ready for the most EXTREMELY delicious street food in Asia, you’re going to love these street food videos, some of the BEST street food around the world!!!

Today, as we travel through Malaysia on our HUGE Malaysian street food road trip, we’re taking you to 4 very amazing and UNIQUE locations. We have left Kuala Lumpur and are now in Termeloh and traveling to Kuantan. We are bringing you to the Malaysian street food that we find along the way.

First up, we’re bringing you to THE MOST UNIQUE street food in Temerloh, the Ikan Patin Tempoyak!!! It’s a FERMENTED DURIAN CURRY/GRAVY with the SHARK CATFISH!!!
►Shop name: Shop Name: Kancil Raja Patin HQ

And next up, we’re leaving Temerloh and traveling to Pekan and then Kuantan, on the east coast, the land of ENDLESS BEACHES and SEAFOOD!!! But first, before we hit the road, we have to stop for the ULTIMATE street food COCONUT ice cream LUXURY DESSERT!! You’re gonna love this one!!
► Shop Name: Hogoh De Coco

And next up, we’re driving to Kuantan, but first, we’re stopping in PEKAN to visit the ULTIMATE SLOPPY OMELETTE MASTER with 100 EGGS, even more every day!!! The Malaysian Murtabak delight!!!
► Shop Name: Murtabak Mengkasar

And to finish up the night, we’re bringing you for the ULTIMATE seafood FEAST with STINK BEANS (petai!!!). You’re gonna love this!! AND FINISHING up with a COCONUT shake master!!!
► Found at: Shop Name: Ana Ikan Bakar Petai

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I hope you enjoyed this video, more of a street food tour than a Buzzfeed video!!!

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  1. Hey guys!!! Hope you enjoyed the video!! If you watch long enough you’ll discover some amazing street food with us AND a voiceover mistake I made too near the end, thanks everyone for pointing it out! Thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoy the video!

  2. Sedapnyer… lama kami tak balik kampung sejak PKP. Kalau balik Kelantan nanti, mau ronda2 cari makan sampai ke Kuantan nih… Sebelum ni balik tahun 2019 pun sempat ke Terengganu jer.

  3. Hey Trevor that was a awesome video with some very good food ..nice video editing truly perfect , keep up the good work , thx for making such great videos .

  4. Murtabak Ganchong,Murtabak Mawar,Murtabak Kasturi,Murtabak Ismaliza,Murtabak Deris..banyak lagi murtabak yang sedap diBandar Pekan.ikut tekak masing2

  5. So lovely to hear your happy voice every single time when the food is getting prepared. You sound like a child in a candy shop. EXCITED!

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