Epic Seafood in Peru – EXTREME COOKING SKILLS in Chorrillos Fishing Village in Lima!

Epic Seafood in Peru - EXTREME COOKING SKILLS in Chorrillos Fishing Village in Lima!
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Thank you to Alfredo from Alternative Peru (https://www.alternativeperu.org/) for taking us on this amazing tour of Chorrillos, Lima, Peru. This video is not sponsored, I paid for this tour, but I thought they did a great job and are doing great tours in and around Lima, and I would highly recommend them. #PeruvianFood #Lima #ceviche

Chorrillos, Lima, Peru – Located within Lima, yet it feels like a totally different city, is Chorrillos, a fishing village. There’s a community of fishermen, a boat harbor, fish and seafood market, and even a man who makes fishing boats by hand for the village. It was fantastic to walk around the village, the fish market, and take a quick boat ride to get started.

We then continued walking through Chorrillos to a Peruvian Creole (Typically of Spanish descent, but mixed with Indigenous and Afro-Peruvian cultures), family who raises roosters and also cooks insanely delicious Peruvian seafood.

Here are the Peruvian food seafood dishes we ate:

Mixed ceviche – Raw fish, squid, scallops
Tiradito – Sashimi cut raw fish, yellow pepper sauce
Ceviche – Peruvian sole ceviche
Sudado – Peruvian fish stew

It was an amazing meal with some of the most complex and delicious ceviche I had during my entire trip to Peru, and some of the best Peruvian food I’ve tried. The view and setting were also fantastic.

Price – I paid $65 USD per person for this tour with Alternative Peru (https://www.alternativeperu.org/), that included everything – guide, boat ride, and food. Highly recommended. Thanks Alfredo for an amazing day in Lima!

Also check out my Lima Travel Guide for exact tips and locations: https://migrationology.com/travel-guides/lima-peru/

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