Severe head injury rescue of dying puppy

Severe head injury rescue of dying puppy
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Our hearts were breaking when we saw this puppy laying unconscious near a pool of blood. A motorcycle had hit him in the head, and he seemed to be taking his final breaths. We didn’t know if we could save him, but we had to try. We rushed him back to Animal Aid’s hospital and began his treatment with medicine to reduce the swelling in his brain, and treat his pain and shock. His brain injury was serious and even after a few days, when he regained consciousness, he wasn’t able to eat without help. We surrounded him with love as he slept for many days, waking up only for syringe feeds. But gradually, his wakeful moments increased, and we watched a flower unfolding in his extraordinarily sweet nature. Because of your help, we saved him. Meet beautiful Puffin today.
When you love someone, you never need to give up hope. Please donate for street animal rescue.


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About the Author: Animal Aid Unlimited, India


  1. this is how i know these guys are legit not stealing your money not in it for themselves they genuinely are trying to help. who else rescues them while they are this close to death no one

  2. I'm from Nepal. In Nepal there are many dogs our people are evil. What i saw yesterday was a car hit a dog and the dog was bleeding no body help that poor dog so he died?? at the edges of the road

  3. It breaks my heart to think of all the animals who aren't reported & saved by your team 🙁 I pray for a kinder world with no more suffering ❤️

  4. Oh my god. My heart literally broke when I saw this poor little baby fighting for his life. Thank you soo much for fixing my heart with the happy ending. ???

  5. Je m'appelle rose et voir c'ai pauvres bêtes tellement martir blesse s et part fois même pratiquement mort et moi j'ai une petite chien et ici en Belgique il y en a aussi des pauvres chien et chats mais qui son mit en cage dans une petit association qui essaye temps bien que mal de les faire ré-adopté mais je trouve que se que vous faite pour ces pauvres chien et ou chat et bravo a vous qui trouver ces pauvres bêtes ont vraiment de chance continuer car des personnage comme vous mérite une médailles bien a vous

  6. Anjos, anjos, vc são verdadeiros anjos. Que Deus os ilumine sempre por este trabalho que somente que tem amor no coração podem fazer por estes animais….????

  7. I love a happy ending. Too bad there are so few of them. This was one of the lucky ones Kudos to the people for their time and efforts

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