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  1. This was so sad, I pray for the families & for the country. Please don’t feel responsible !!! You did what you could do, plus you safe people by warning them, ?❤️ hugs

  2. mother nature says enough you need to take of the earth, or enough is enough, they have been telling us since 1969 and since they bombed the sea with the h bombs..

  3. I’m from the Puget Sound in Washington state, and I’m lucky enough to live in the highlands of Renton. I’m pretty close to big bodies of water, but not THAT close, and our elevation is far above what a typical tsunami could reach even if we were right next to the ocean itself. The hills and mountainous territory is beneficial to most residential areas since they’re often pretty high up and the ground is mostly stable despite the composition, but businesses and other flatland/lowland homes could easily be decimated if the water reached far enough. Anyone at the waterfront and not shaken off the edge of a cliff in a landslide from the initial earthquake is going to be at extreme risk from the ensuing tsunami.

    Given how terrible our traffic is, it would be a mad scramble for high ground to avoid the tsumani’s wrath while likely ending up stuck in a traffic jam. I just hope that for the next earthquake and potential flooding to follow, if it happens to affect our coastal neighbors, it happens in an area where people can readily retreat to higher even without the aid of a proper vehicle.

    This story is one I won’t forget, and the things we learn from these tragedies will help keep us and our loved ones alive. I hope the tsumanis to come in Japan fail to take any more precious lives away, fail to tear more families apart.

  4. ????????? I can’t even imagine how do you think about the future after something like this where you go or what you will do when everything you know is gone…………..

  5. Truly sad and terrifying event its even worst that this happened in the winter season hypothermia would kill you if you didn't already drown first. ??

  6. Man, the helplessness of only being able to say "RUN" and at the same time, not being able to save them must have been very traumatic for the survivors.

  7. Those poor souls.
    Everyone who was lost that day.
    Watching the two men at 35:30
    One second they were there holding each other while trying to cling to the tree and the next, gone.
    God bless them all and their families.
    I wish the families that lost loved ones to be at peace.
    You'll see your loved ones again.

  8. We live in a country full of water not only the sea. That kinda makes me scared at times knowning that something like this could happen. Even though we dont have earth quakes massive like these countries, but the sea level is getting higher. Our country is building walls around waters because of that so our country will not get filled full of water. If we did not do that, our country basically would not excist today. Damn tsunamis go so fast ….

  9. Did not realize the impact and the number of death. This was so devastating! 20,000 lives lost, unimaginable. Now I'm curious how the rebuilding physically and emotionally is going. I'm sure they are still rebuilding in 2019. I know there was one here in Hawaii years ago and the curiosity of people caused many deaths and I'm sure this was the case also. Praying the survivors were able to rebuild their lives. So much senseless deaths!

  10. This was horrible,,cant imaging being at work and getting news and worried about my family members safety and not being able to get there fast enough to help them all ,my heart goes out to all in Japan who lost anyone,,

  11. Me and my Gf were travelling Rural Japan from Canada. The day earthquake struck Japan, we were in a resort and everyone was so calm, but we were freaking. 27 minutes later Tsunami hit the coast and we were evacuated by the locals to higher ground. Being the only foreigners in town, everyone was extremely nice and supportive and have us shelter, food, water. Mad respect for the Japanese people. On that day they did lost everything but my respect for Japan & its people will always stay. Love you Japan ?? ??

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