How To Start a Blog: Follow These 5 Easy Steps Now

How To Start a Blog: Follow These 5 Easy Steps Now
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Get started on these 5 easy steps, and you’ll learn how to start a blog ► (get started now!)

Just after graduating from university in 2008, I decided to start traveling. I first visited South America for a few months, and I loved my experience and all the food I was able to eat. I took quite a few photos with my small point and shoot camera. After about 6 months in South America, I returned to the United States to attend my sister’s wedding. At that time, I had no idea what I wanted to do in life or where I wanted to work, but I knew I wanted to be able to make money while traveling at the same time. With a cup of coffee in hand, I decided to learn how to start a blog – and since I love travel and food so much, I created my first blog to be about food and travel – but really any subject you choose, like fashion or technology, you can start a blog about.

In this step by step video, I walk you through, by actually creating myself, a blog with wordpress from start to finish, wrapped up into 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Buy a domain name – A domain name is the url of your blog, mine is, and yours could be anything you choose. I normally register my domain names with, but you could also use other sites as well.

Step 2: Get hosting – The next step is to get hosting for your new blog. Hosting is a permanent server (a computer that on all the time) that stores all the files of your blog – and when someone types in your blog to a browser, they will be able to see all your files and it will show up as your blog. So hosting is very important, and you want to make sure you use a good host. For the example in this video, and the host I would really recommend is Bluehost: (affiliate link). Hosting is pretty affordable, and it’s an important step in making a blog with wordpress.

Step 3: Install WordPress – The next step after you have a domain and hosting, is to install wordpress (this is onto your blog. To do this, all you have to do is login to your Bluehost panel, and click on the icon that says install WordPress. It will then walk you through a series of steps, and just follow them along, and install WordPress onto your new blog. WordPress is an open source software and content management system. It’s an amazing piece of software, and it will be the entire interface and backend infrastructure of your blog. Once you have finished installing, go to your domain, hit refresh, and you should see a blank install of WordPress on your domain name.

Step 4: Improve your design – One of the main parts of a travel blog or fashion blog or any kind of blog is the design. The great news is, you don’t need to be a graphic designer or coder to have a great design – you can make a blog that looks great by yourself using wordpress themes. There are free themes and there are premium paid for themes. Often the premium themes are better, as they are better designed and have better code, but there are also some great free options as well.

Step 5: Start blogging and don’t stop – The final step for how to start a blog is to starting blogging and don’t stop. Many people make a blog and write and publish for a few days and then give up. But in order to start a blog and make money (depending on what your motives are) or turn it into a business, you need to persevere, and to persist. Blog about something you’re passionate about.

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Mentioned in this video:
Bluehost: (affiliate link)

If you follow these five simple steps for how to start a blog now, you’ll soon have your own blog that you can use as a journal, a way to store your thoughts, a place to share your photos, a business… the opportunities that arise from becoming a blogger are endless.

Let me know if you have any other questions, and thank you for watching this video,
Mark Wiens


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  1. Mark, you are truly amazing! Thanks for the great advice in this video, as well as other ones. Best Regards, Lee Thoeun 🙏❤️✊

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  3. Great video about starting a website. I love how you broke it down into 5 easy steps and made it easy to understand. Thank you for the tips!

  4. Hey Mark, Great video keep up the good work! Just a question regarding linking the wordpress account to the host. If I have an existing free wordpress blog that has a couple of posts and I decide to register a domain via Bluehost, is it possible to map the contents over so I do not lose all my previous posts?

  5. A great way that i know of that can kick start new blogs out there in terms of presence would be influencer marketing. How it works can be an effective means of driving traffic into your blog, (it focuses on advertisement/promotion), I used phlanx as my platform for this in growing my own blog and so far i've been getting really good results

  6. this is absolutly great guide mark i really thank to you and i am ging to start bloging right now hope someday we can have a meet and chat directly and eating a great food also thanks a lot mark !!

  7. hi, mark..i wanna start a blog..but im still wondering how do you use tubular plugin on your page?can u probably show us?thx before

  8. hi mark, i've watched several videos on blogging this week and I have lost interest within a minute watching and listening to them… you however i found very sincere wanting to help others.. you spoke so graciously, direct, focused, no hesitation giving tips to your current and future subscribers and i love that.. subscribing here for sure!! …thank you so much for sharing your videos 🙂 <3

  9. Hi, i just started my blog folllowing ur suggestions. And i will keep going. It was very inspirational to see all that food and travel vlogs and blogs. Awesome stuff! And keep it up…will be waiting for new videos of yours!

  10. saw your user name and password….hope you change them for greater security. thanks for useful info!

  11. Hey, such an inspirational blog. I followed you when you first had started few videos with around 25k subscribers. You did really great job. Hope to see you again in Vietnam and enjoy Vietnamese cuisines together. Cheers and thumbs up.

  12. I can"t express my heartfelt gratitude adequately enough for providing your 5 steps incredible steps which will allow me the ability to someday soon become a real blogger. What a gift you've shared with us. I simply can:t thank you enough.

  13. This Mark Weins How to Blogging video was incredibly the best step by step guide I will ever need to begin blogging Thank you for making the process so clear, that I really got it.

  14. Mark! You don't have to pay for a website & host to have it look "more" professional. A Blogspot page can be registered under any custom domain name just like you'd do with the paid website. Also, Blogger offers tools that allow bloggers to go as far as customize the HTML syntax. But personally, I think most of the beginners don't have the knowledge, skills or time to built their blog/ site from scratch. What they really need is simple, user-friendly publishing platform so that they can focus on blogging instead. 😉 Though, I agree with you that it's better to have your own domain name.

  15. This is awesome Mark! just came back from a trip in Bournemouth South of England and will be starting now!

  16. Thanks for the video man , since i watch your video i went to thailand 5 times , i went to place that you mention and try the food witch is awsome, i have suggestion for your next trip , what about bali ? Its a great place with great food too , and again thanks for the video , its really helpfull

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