5 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera By CCTV ?

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The TOP 5 scary videos of ghost encounters caught on tape on CCTV. 5 ghost videos of haunted places and supposedly real ghost caught on camera.

In this top 5 list, we check out some scary things caught on camera, everything from hauntings in abandoned buildings to mysterious ghosts videos Real or fake, you decide based on the paranormal evidence provided.

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Real Ghost Caught On Camera? 5 Strange SCARY Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Tt4ViPIn8U

REAL GHOSTS Caught on Tape? Top 5 Real Ghost Caught on Camera Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fIcosEjdn0


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  1. 852,000 views and only 17,000 likes?! One does not watch a Nuke's video without pressing the like button!

    And 369 people are butthurt they can't put together quality videos like Nuke…

  2. In the video with the police station is very easy to explain someone put a hook and a string and open the door rapidly once the door opened they unhook an ran nice prank you can tell when the door flew open it stay open just enough to unhook

  3. The opening garage one not fake look really close when broom falls at the black thing in garage inside of it u can see a white see through image stand up for a second

  4. in case of pressure building in a room the papers or posters are never affected only doors like things move to equalize the pressure just misleading audiences for sake of views

  5. The one with cops. if it was the room depressurizing, the doors would have open in the same way. Not one door one way and the other the other way.

  6. So I live on a small island. In the south Pacific. There's this village called Satala where lots of graves are located (at a cemetery for the nurses in the training school back in the early 1900s when our island became an official US territory).

    There's this company that exports fish from our ocean (since Satala is located in front of the ocean).they make tuna.

    One evening, like 2-3 or more years ago, a security guard wasn't really doing his work and just sleeping outside one of the main doors. The night was spent causal. Nothing much happened. Until the guard saw what was on the CCTV footage following that night:

    A woman dressed in white was holding a baby in her hand. She casually just enters the door in ease while the guard slept on. The guard claimed that he's checked the room before ending his shift or whatever and making sure no one was in there.

    Horrified, the guard had this footage on our local news. To me , it's a normal occurrence considering that village is haunted af but like no one wants to do anything about it so??‍♀️. Btw don't believe me if u don't want to❤?

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