Top 5 SCARIEST Ghost Sightings CAUGHT ON VIDEO! (Ghosts Caught on Camera)

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Top 5 SCARIEST Ghost Sightings CAUGHT ON VIDEO! (Ghosts Caught on Camera)
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Top 5 SCARIEST GHOST SIGHTINGS Caught On Camera 2016! (Ghost Sightings 2016)

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  1. Number 2 is super fake. Because the ghost is acting like the man in the white shirt. En the ghost is white also. And its walking behind him… see last 2 sec of number 2

  2. 2:24 its fake…. someone is behind the window of the filing cabinet, the camera is lower than the other camera and why is there 2 cameras showing the same thing also the canera is on a tripod, and some people even detected the string that pulled the sign

  3. While I wanted to believe #3 was real, there's no denying that it was all a set up hoax. The sign whipped in such a way only strings would be able to move it by yanking them back, and the locker that was shaking was obviously moved by someone outside the set up, who was rocking it through the window thats suspiciously there above literally the only other locker moving. The single locker hatch was tugged open by another string from a room in the hallways… Pretty simple set up, actually. And boom theres a "ghost video." They oughtta try way harder than that to make something that seems legit.

  4. the 1 in the school with the lockers is a fake its all ready proven behind the lockers is a window where their is obvs someone standing outside rocking them and the sign had a piece of fishing line tied to it , and also it wasn't filmed by a security camera it was a prank the school played.

  5. On number 2, where the white figure is following a couple while they're on an evening stroll, I could see a torso and a head but when I looked closer, the arms and legs looked disfigured. Like they were broken and out of place. That could have been why you said it looked like it didn't have a shape.

  6. Video 3 has been debunked as a fake.  Locker by the Window with someone pushing it and a string was seen pulling the Wet Floor sign with no wet floor to begin with. The school needed fundraising so they did this lol. I can't blame them.

  7. I’m pretty sure we all know how to use YouTube. I’m not gonna subscribe or ‘like’ because you asked. That’s like begging for change.

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