Answers to Your Food & Travel Questions (Part 2)

Answers to Your Food & Travel Questions (Part 2)
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Thank you all so much for asking your travel and food question (if you missed the video, here’s the questions video: There were some really great questions, and I tried to answer most of you by comment reply, and I’ve chosen some of the main questions to answer in this video.

For the bigger questions like how I make money, how I choose restaurants, and how I plan for traveling, I’m going to take those questions and answer them in full videos.

Thanks again for asking your food and travel questions, and let me know if you have any more!

Music in this video is South Beach by Terry Devine-King and Adam Drake

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  1. You can tell by his body language / facial expression Mark was being politically correct with certain Q&A. But that's perfectly understandable.

  2. Hi Mark. This is.Sree from Hyderabad India. I recently started watching your travel n food videos and i must say now im edicted to them. Amazing n awesome videos. Lot of information. Great effort put in. Will be in touch. Happy eating. Have a good day. Thank you Byeee

  3. Thank you for sharing your videos. It is baffling that you are able to eat so much and not gain weight. You have an amazing metabolism. What I like best is your enthusiasm and your descriptions of the foods. You deserve your beautiful wife and awesome baby boy. Please be careful about your blood pressure (I notice you eat high sodium foods). Someday, you may want to try eating less animal foods and more plant foods so that you are not forced to become a no salt vegan by chronic kidney disease…sorry to be a downer.

  4. I really enjoy watching your videos Mark your an awesome humble person and always so enthusiastic and positive in your videos. I get hungry everytime without fail watching your videos lol….everything looks so yummy!!. A big shout out to your wife too she's lovely & little Micah. God bless you & your family.

  5. oh my goodness when u were about to answer the question about ever getting food poisoning I thought about the time where I went to the philippines and got food poisoning from mall food and lo and behold u got sick from food in the philippines too

  6. hello mark I am shaiza from Pakistan why do not ucome and enjoy most delicious Pakistani food a beautiful country with an ancient civilization lofty mountains lovely beaches and mouth watering food hope Pakistan is ur next destination take care

  7. it was too good an answer about hygiene.. so true.. westerners think asians are dirty but ive seen westerners living in far worse surroundings and stink than an Asian living in poor areas in Asia. you rightly said some hide it better than others..

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