GHOST HUNTING (caught on camera)

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scariest night of my life


Best Day Ever 666

OUR ANNIVERSARY!! We’ve been in Spacestation 1.5 for exactly 1 year now and it’s crazy how much has happened. We’ve built a green screen, we’ve rekt the other side, Chicken made his stream palace. But there is one thing we’ve never talked about. Several members of the crew are convinced that the office has ghosts in it, like some haunted house. After interviewing some of them and hearing their “ghost” stories, I recruit Marcos and Albert to come ghost hunting with me. Our adventure was all caught it on camera and you decide for yourself what to believe.

Relive some of the crazy movements from the past year:
Moving in —

First hole in the wall —

Building the green screen —

Chicken getting his Stream Palace —

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Here’s some stuff we use:
Wide Lens:
Zoom Lens:
Cool Longboards:
Sweet Keyboard:
Rad Mouse:
DXRacer Chairs:
Other Razer Stuff:

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  1. I don't comment much on videos but I'm a very big fan of the Space Station crew and your shenanigans. This is probably one of the coolest vlogs you guys have done. I was legit nervous to see what was going to happen. Great job Brandon and everyone else involved in creating this. I hope to see more cinematic vlogs in the future!

    Oh yeah, I want to believe.

  2. I think all that is just fake, because if that thing was real ghost it Will not been shown. One time i was near a ghost i think, and i couldnt see it. Well thats just my view from that tape. I only belive in ghosts egen i see them with MY eyes

  3. Even though i know this is fake, something like this could happen. I have seen chairs move by themselves and lights go off and on. I think this was an awesome video though. You should do alot more ghost videos.

  4. Well lets see, it was indeed a bit spooky. but, do I believe it was real……………not really. Good job boys it was spooky I'll give you that. The part when the young dude was being dragged on the floor then perfectly fine in the room with everyone…..a little too much to go with.

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