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Top 10 horrible natural disasters that affected the world.
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  1. 8:25 "Omg a tsunami!! I've got to get out of this car, and find higher ground"……. "Shoot forgot to close my car door"… takes 5 seconds and goes back to shut it…..

  2. it would be a more relevant, interesting and appropriate video if you listed the magnitude and location. But as is is just click bait.

  3. Anyone else think that birds in no.8 looked like flying debris? So it kinda made it look like a tornado for a second. Nature can awfully scary.

  4. What an idiot to leave his car in no.2. Just chill in there and ride it out. Water not high enough to drown in the car but it will kill him if he gets caught in it being on his own two feet.

  5. Don't label each of the Top 10 with the location , that way no one knows that most of this footage is from one earthquake in Japan. Most, not all.

  6. you could at least identify where the earthquakes are! #2 on the list is a tsunami video, NOT an earthquake. Oh, it's spelled biggest, not bigest. very low quality video, don't even bother putting it out there.

  7. Top 10 Earthquakes, shows a tsunami as number 2…. (and yes I realise tsunami was caused by earthquake, but they didn’t even show the earthquake footage, just the resulting tsunami). You should have like a top 10 Star Wars characters list and have Spock as number 2

  8. You know watching this just further my non-unstanding of stupid ass people. I mean why in hell would you stand near a building looking as if it's about to fall like your gonna catch it, or some shit? Just…RUUUNNN!!!

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