Street Cat Rescue: Before and After

Street Cat Rescue: Before and After
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We found Teddy on the streets of Brooklyn, in really bad shape and needing immediate medical attention. Follow along as he gets a second chance at VIP life and finds his own loving family! Flatbush Cats is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, you can learn more and support our work at

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  1. Teddy is one of the lucky ones. New York is full of stray and abandoned friendly cats living on the streets that need our help. Please support your local cat rescue by donating, fostering, volunteering, or participating in trap neuter return (TNR) if you have lots of cats in your area. If you see a cat outside like this, they need your help! For daily updates and more cat rescue tips, please consider following us on Instagram:

  2. Normally people are more worried about dogs, they say dogs are better because they love you more. That isn’t true, any animal can love you in a way that makes the love feel special. I cried so much during this video, I adore you so much. I just want to say thank you for helping the cats that suffer ❤️

  3. How do they just wash Teddy like that??? My cat will be scratching me, crawling up to my shoulders and meowing. I just can’t win.

  4. Sorry but with 500,000 homeless cats in just one city spending thousands of dollars on one cat is rediculous. Cats are not like humans, they don't know they're being euthanized. Dogs and cats that require thousands in medical treatment should be euthanized.
    I have a cat that I rescued so don't tell me I'm heartless. C'mon people use some common sense!

  5. Thank you. I too took in a street cat that we also had to give subcu fluids. He was unable to have surgery but he shared our home and we loved him dearly. Thank you for all you did for Teddy and all the other catch and release friends.

  6. i run my own rescue & spend many hours each day rescuing, spay/neuters, trapping, rehabilitating & homing. i also rescue dogs & wildlife. thank you for caring. if more ppl did we wouldnt have to do this!

  7. who in the hell is down voting this? The only thing to not like is the nasty woman t shirt but as aggressively stupid as that is, they are doing something sweet.

  8. ya, so.. our neighborhood stray had kittens, ofcourse.. one night he came to eat but brought his son who was still a kitten but was getting big.. he looked a whole lot like your rescue minus the ear but plus a nasty sinus infection .. His daddy is wild so we feed him morning and night , he only allows children to pet him if they come up to him one at a time.. we named him Tucker we also named his son Tucker.. baby Tucker..well I put him on amoxicillin got all his fleas off and loved him a whole bunch.. it didnt take long he fully recovered .. He IS The MOst grateful cat ever .. cats are so different from dogs.. cats never forget.. dogs can but when you take a helpless sick cat in they make the absolute best cats

  9. God bless you!!!!! Teddy looks like my Rocky, a former feral and now one of our sweet cat crew. (we have 5). It took a while, but so worth it..

  10. I would have been a massive Foster Fail with this Boy. OMG – what a cuddle bug, and that Old Soul face is just too adorable. Flatbush Cats – you folks do awesome work. Thank you for saving Teddy.

  11. 10:09 ok. I LOOOOOVE THAT WATER DISH-waterFEEDER? never saw that before. Lol..and all my cats live n love to drink from the faucets? I'm taking a screenshot and hopefully can purchase somewhere. Anyone know the name?

  12. Question was there sores on him……I have a rescue that has sores that I can get them taken care of and they seem to come right back as well as a puffy lip.the vet said that she had a rodent bite at some point and she wanted to have her lip removed.she is not in any pain or trouble with the lip so we left it.and the meds the vet gave her for the sores just doesn't work but so much…..she is spoiled and a mess and will make sure that she is boss…..she keeps the kids in check

  13. O.M.G. I am so Happy we have someone who love cats. And wow we have someone in my city in Brooklyn who working hard helping cats. in East New York. I love cats?❤❤????. Me and my mom we was walking home we see a cat in the street and look like somebody hit him or her a car so we went help the cat and we took him or her to the SPCA. It was so hard for us we started crying he or she was in bad shape. But we did our part. I am very Happy we have someone like you to help all ???? . Thank you so much.

  14. Flatbush are Saints. Maybe think of renaming ? y'all go above and beyond for these sweet babies. And Cats are so daym discarded neglected and abused…i think the most of any of the pet animals. It's so heartbreaking. SO A MILLION THANKYOUS TO FLATBUSH AND THE FOSTER MOMMAS AND DADDYS.

  15. What an amazing story, I have taken in 3 feral cats and I try to get as many as I can fixed with the trap and release program in my town but it is still $25.00 for every cat I take In so I can only do a few and by the time I get extra money there are more kittens and more pregnant cats. It's amazing to see others so willing to help these animals 🙂

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