Bedouin Lamb Barbecue at Wadi Rum

Bedouin Lamb Barbecue at Wadi Rum
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Without doubt, Wadi Rum is one of the most beautiful deserts I’ve ever seen in my life. The landscapes are so other-worldly, that many movies that occur on Mars of the moon have been filmed there. Ond Day 7 of our trip to Jordan, we drove from Petra to Wadi Rum. We arrived just in time for lunch at Captain’s Bedouin Desert Camp. It was a very rare cloudy and rainy day, and so we got some rain, and finally when it cleared we went on a desert safari in the back of a truck. The views were spectacular.

00:58 Drive from Petra to Wadi Rum – At the beginning of the day, we had breakfast at Movenpick and then started the drive, which only took a couple hours, to Wadi Rum. Along the way we stopped at a few rest stops to get some Arabic coffee, something I couldn’t resist.

2:04 Arriving to Wadi Rum – We arrived to Wadi Rum just in time for lunch and the first thing we did was check into Captain’s Desert Camp, which is the Bedouin camp we stayed at for the night. As soon as we arrived we had lunch, and they served us a full spread of food including labneh and moutabel. The labneh in particular was very good. For our main dishes we had galayet with beef, a beef tomato stew, and also a dish called mfarakeh, which was scrambled eggs with potatoes. Lunch at Wadi Rum was delicious and after lunch, due to the rain, we took a short rest before heading out.

07:15 Wadi Rum tour – We hopped into the back of a truck, and started our Wadi Rum desert tour. The weather wasn’t the best, it was still kind of rainy, but at the same time that kind of added to make it a bit of an eerie environment. The view of Wadi Rum were spectacular, it truly is a unique and incredible desert to see in the world. We drove around and stopped at a number of different locations around the desert, taking in the scenery. After a two hour safari around Wadi Rum we returned to the camp.

11:15 Zarb Bedouin barbecue for dinner – For dinner we ate a dish called zarb, which is Bedouin style barbecue. Similar to other cultures, zarb is a variety of meat of vegetables that are cooked in an underground oven over charcoal. They first added a bed of hot coals to the underground oven, spread them out, then added in a shelf full of meat and vegetables. They covered it with a bunch of layers, and finally topped the oven with sand to keep in all the heat. It took about two hours to cook, and we came back for dinner to find soft and tender lamb, rice, and a variety of vegetables cooked in the zarb, that were all incredibly tender. Dinner in Wadi Rum was delicious, and I had some serious amounts of lamb!

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  1. Hey Mark you know new Zealand's got the cleanest most beautiful seafood in the world right?? …?….that's why most of it is exported the best stuff anyway cause everyone wants new Zealand seafood……delicious !!!!

  2. These rocks, were burnt, somewhat, like an atomic bomb hit them. Nothing to do with the Sun. They have been melted.

  3. Great foods Mark. I was in desert storm and flew around the country trying to find my outfit. Finally ended up in the mext country over. I did have the great chance to sample the many dishes of the countrys. Actually between the scud missile pot shots. It was a working vacation.

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