WHAT COULD GO WRONG! – TOP TEN! | Funny Weekly Videos | TBF 2019

WHAT COULD GO WRONG! - TOP TEN! | Funny Weekly Videos | TBF 2019
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About the Author: The Best Fails


  1. Best fails your channel is dead and gone for ever we lost respect for you deleting the old fails that were funny, The only thing that is funny is that you dont realize that we are laughing at is this channel, this channel is one of the best and worst FAILS OF ALL TIME

  2. never, ever, ever do this countdown and freezeframe bullshit again or i promise you half of your subscribers will be gone. just when i thought failarmy would get the award for biggest quality drop, you find a way to move into #1..

  3. Please listen to your viewers. Don't do this kind of editing ever again. Half of the video is captions over freeze frame and obnoxious transitions.

  4. Teacher: how was your weekend tom?
    Tom: not good, while i was on my couch i spilt ice on my face.
    Teacher: oh. Well, um, how was your weekend grace?
    Grace: it was amazing! I sat next to tom and laughed because he spilt ice on his face!

  5. You're back!

    Edit: Oh god you are not back. This is not The Best Fails that subbed to at 102k subs.

    My only tip to you: Don't edit the fails, don't edit anything. Leave them raw and uncensored, like the YouTube channel called "Poor Judgement." They do it right. Because they don't clickbait, nor do they use old clips to get the video it up to 10 minutes. Views and Fans come to them naturally.

  6. Whoever thought those captions and freeze frames were a good idea and not tacky, corny and extremely dated (like 80s/90s goofball TV dated) was dead wrong. Terrible idea.

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