Tenby lifeboat crew rescue dog after cliff fall

Tenby lifeboat crew rescue dog after cliff fall
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Tenby lifeboat launched after a chocolate Labrador fell from a high cliff near Stackpole Quay.

The dog survived the fall and was reported to be swimming, but tiring, having swum for some time in difficult sea conditions.

A crew member entered the water and guided the dog back to the boat before reuniting him with his relieved owners back on shore. He was then taken to a local vet for a check-up and given the all clear.


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  1. Those dogs are bred to tread water. They can swim for miles when they're having fun. Even longer if they need to survive.
    My lab would swim out in a large lake for about a half mile and back just to warm up. Goofy dog didn't like to come out of the water.

  2. ???? Great People – Heroes, are those who rescue dogs and other animals. Thank you very much. We appreciate your sacrifice. Many people love a dog like a dearest person, like a best friend. ???? ۫в۪۰۫є۪۰۫ѕ۪۰۫т۪۰۫ω۪۰۫ι۪۰۫ѕ۪۰۫н۪۰۫є۪۰۫ѕ۪۰

  3. The RNLI man person misgendered Spice on one occasion. That is not ok. The dog is probably humiliated and wondering why it bothered to put the effort in to look nice.

  4. That was so Heart warming to see and full credit to Tenby Lifeboat crew for rescuing that dog. My local Lifeboat refused to launch to rescue a stranded dog on the grounds they were not obliged to put the crew in danger for an Animal. However the dog was rescued by a local man who didn't have to put his life in any danger.

  5. Apparently Spice jumped in again next time she was down at Tenby, she's done it 20 or more times now, she thinks it's a game and sure enough everytime she gets recused and returned by a lovely chap from the RNLI.

  6. I will never understand why people let the dogs off their leads on Coast paths, all it takes is for the dog to chase a rabbit or other creature and over he or she goes.

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