Wolf vs Cougar – Who Would Win a Fight?

Wolf vs Cougar - Who Would Win a Fight?
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Who would win a fight between an timber wolf and a cougar? Both are among the largest predators in North America and are only surpassed by bears and alligators.
A fight between these animals would be quite exciting, because, physically, no one has a clear advantage. But what do you think, who would win this fight? Vote and then we’ll compare the two animals.
We’ll compare:
Bite Force
and then we’ll look at a potential fight of these two animals.
So who would win a fight – Wolf vs Mountain Lion?

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  1. Idk.. Its even in my eyes! Cougar is stronger and has claws but the Wolf is very smart with stamina for days… Think i might give the slight edge to the cougar… But it would never catch a wolf alone.

  2. I love Wolfs, but it would be luck for the most part if the wolf won. Cougers have a bit for of 1,800 pounds and wolfs only have a bit force of 1,500 pounds. Besides that the cougers claws are far superior to wolves. In addition the Wolf has evolved to rely on the pack for strength. The cougar is a solitary hunter.

  3. Irish Wolfhound can kill a wolf family easy ,some owners put spike collar on as protection. I’ve owned these dogs and they are 200 lb terriers with no fear. Mine attacked my 2200 lb Angus Bull ,had to hit him with a bat for him to let go of the bulls throat.

  4. wolfs will win every case basically considering there always near there pack all that wolf has to do is howl and his squad comes and that cougar gets L

  5. wolves are weak and coward thats why they always form gangs of twenty or thirty wolves. Cougar is more powerful but is on its own. Cougar never attacks a wolf because the whole gang of wolves would come out.

  6. We breed dogs that kill wolves , but have never been able to breed them to kill big cats. There are wolfhounds but no cougar hounds ,that should tell you the outcome .

  7. Wolf win, no debate about that, but the reality is that this fight can never happend because they know very good they will both be injured.

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