Spicy Cumin Lamb Noodles at Xi'an Famous Foods & Flushing New York City Chinese Food Tour!

Spicy Cumin Lamb Noodles at Xi'an Famous Foods & Flushing New York City Chinese Food Tour!
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Xi’an Famous Foods serves amazing food in Flushing, Queens, NYC!
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On Day 31 of our Round The World Trip with Star Alliance we decided to take a New York City food tour to Flushing. The main thing I wanted to eat was at the famous Xi’an Famous Foods for their spicy cumin lamb noodles. But we also enjoyed some incredible dumplings and a rack of cumin coated lamb. It was incredible.

00:22 Journey to Flushing, Queens – The first part of the day was to take the train from Manhattan out to Queens, and more specifically to Flushing. It takes a while, but it’s pretty straightforward to get there by public transportation.

1:42 Xi’an Famous Foods – Located in the basement of the Golden Shopping Mall in Flushing, Queens, Xi’an Famous Foods is a well known Chinese food restaurant with a number of branches throughout New York City. Xi’an Famous Foods was one of the top places I wanted to eat in NYC. At the bottom of the shopping center there’s a nice food court, and it really does feel like you transport yourself from NYC to China. I ordered the spicy cumin lamb noodles and an extra side of spicy cucumber salad. The spicy cumin lamb, with hand pulled noodles, was absolutely incredible – one of the best food dishes I ate in all of New York. And the spicy cucumber salad also went superbly with the noodles. The chili oil and the cumin was just absolutely superb. Total price – $15.51

6:56 Tianjin Dumpling House – Next up in the same Golden Shopping Mall, I walked over to Tianjin Dumpling House and I ordered their classic pork dumplings. Although you could choose from a range of many different types of dumplings. Overall, they were pretty good and I liked how they were cooked fresh so they were piping hot. Pork dumplings – $5

10:28 White Bear – For won ton lovers in New York City, taking a trip to White Bear in Flushing, Queens, is one of the food lovers pilgrimages. So after the spicy cumin lamb noodles we walked over to white bear. The won tons came with hot chili oil on top and an assortment of mostly pickled mustard greens. Although the chili wasn’t spicy, but was extremely fragrant and tasted amazing. It was another delicious places of dumplings in Flushing. Wonton with hot sauce – $5.50

13:35 Fu Run Restaurant – Finally, our last Chinese food meal in Flushing, we decided to sit down at a restaurant called Fu Run. Along with hot and sour soup and fries string beans, what I really wanted to try at Fu Run Restaurant were the Muslim lamb chops, fried and seasoned with an abundance of garlic and cumin. They were absolutely awesome, fall apart tender lamb, crispy on the edges and just coated in toasted crispy cumin seeds. Although some people say the quality of the Muslim Chinese lamb chops at Fu Run has gone down, I thought they were still absolutely superb. Though I’d like to try the same dish from other restaurants in Flushing, next time I’m in Queens. Total price – $49.50

19:14 Times Square station – Central Park – After coming back from our food trip to Flushing, Queens, we then took a walk around Central Park, just enjoying New York City.

21:03 Fresh&Co – For dinner, since I think I had eaten my share of meat for the day, I decided to go vegetarian and had a salad. Although it was too expensive, it was pretty good. Gaucho salad – $9.95

Disclaimer and Thank You:
Thank you to Star Alliance and their Round The World tickets (http://www.staralliance.com/en/round-the-world) for sponsoring my business class flights.
Thank you to Courtyard New York Manhattan / Chelsea for sponsoring my stay in NYC.

I personally paid for all food and attractions in this video, and I decided what to do and where to eat.


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  1. Hi Mark Nice to meet you. I been watching all the video But you go alot of places to eat. Wow it very amazing. Thank you for posting all the video.

  2. This thick sauce makes the noodles taste very attractive. The noodles I have eaten in Xi'an are very delicious. I also recorded many delicious noodles in my channel

  3. Mark – you could take the LIRR to Flushing – Main Street from Penn Station and be there FASTER than the express (7). I live in Flushing so I should know…

  4. Since my husband introduced me to your videos and now I HAVE TO watch your videos while I eat 🤦🏽‍♀️. It makes my food taste good and what’s best is I’m not craving to eat what your eating but moreso be satiated with what I’m eating, if that makes any sense🤷🏽‍♀️. I just finished eating a plate of homemade chicken fettuccine with garlic cheese toast. Hi Ying!!! I love boba tea too😊❤️. What flavor did you have?

  5. Mark, c`mon, please…; Gauchos don`t eat salads, unless, is 99.99% Beef, and one leaf of green, for presentation, only!

  6. If Marks face goes right then it is spicy and delicious left is not hungry but still craving for more food like this whatever I love the way he projects food culture of trans universe.

  7. I swear he’s gotta have something wrong with head… maybe his heads too full of food his gotta lean to the right all the time 😂. He’s gotta smack his head one day but I’ll literally be laughing 😂

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