Incredible UNSEEN FOOD of AFRICA – Dorze Ethnic Group in Ethiopia!

Incredible UNSEEN FOOD of AFRICA - Dorze Ethnic Group in Ethiopia!
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This is Part 2 of our Ethiopian village cultural food tour. If you haven’t already seen Part 1, you can watch it here:

From the incredible Konso Village, we drove back to Arba Minch in Ethiopia, and then continued driving into the mountains, to a Dorze ethnic people village, high into the misty peaks. This is the village where Dessie is originally from, and also our driver, so they know everyone there. It was amazing to arrive to the village.

One of the amazing parts of Dorze Ethiopian culture are their elephant shaped traditional huts, which are unique and one of a kind, shaped like elephants. One of the main most important foods of the Dorze is false banana, also known as ensete. It’s called a false banana because they plant does not produce banana fruit, but just giant leaves, and you eat the stump.

Aunty made a number of extremely unique dishes, including a false banana porridge, and a false banana pancake, along with coffee leaves tea – something I had never seen or ever heard of before.

Visiting the Dorze of Ethiopia was an incredible culture and food learning experience, and it was an honor to have a chance to visit on this Ethiopian food tour trip.

Thanks to Dessie from Go Addis Tours ( for arranging everything on this trip.

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  1. I’ve watched so many of Mark’s videos but this one was by far MY FAVORITE! Such unique and wonderful footage. I’ve seen lots of videos about Ethiopia but this one had NEW things.

    Very interesting how in the beginning of their trip to the village the man riding on the back of the vehicle said it was the “land of Judah”.

    This video was a treasure. Thanks Mark!

  2. It's funny how some people turned in to political debate let's us enjoy the culture take your debate to Fox news bunch of idiots and arrogant

  3. This is not only inspire me to go and visit home for the first time in my life but also to actually know where to visit so thank Mark and my the good lord Protect you and your family??? p.s Micah is so adorable??

  4. i need help peoples. .i want abandonné. .stupide life in europe to go there..but ..i have 4 kids divorce. .m'y kids living with m'y ex life….but i dont like evil sistem of Europe..wat can i do ?????

  5. I just enjoy how Mark takes us all over the world. This is just a beautiful place. Their lives are so natural, at times much better than many artificial ways of the western world. Thanks for sharing Africa and other parts of the world with us.

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