Food in Ethiopia – UNSEEN Traditional Ethiopian Food in Africa!

Food in Ethiopia - UNSEEN Traditional Ethiopian Food in Africa!
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Special thank you to Sam, Yemane, and Michael.

Today was a little bit of a random day in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, searching for delicious Ethiopian food. I first met up with Sam, and he took me a little outside of town, an area known for their meat. We asked some locals around, and found a local meat restaurant that everyone agreed was the best in the city.

Dulet – Dulet is an Ethiopian food of minced up raw organs, sauteed in Ethiopian spiced butter. It’s incredibly delicious. The the man sitting next to me ordered shekla tibs, a pan of sliced meat fried and served in a charcoal clay pan. It was very chewy, but tasty.
Total price – 230 ETB ($8.31) including drinks

Tej – Tej is traditional Ethiopian honey wine, and after asking, some people told us there was a local Ethiopian bar just down the road. It was quite an Ethiopian cultural experience.
Price – 9 ETB ($0.33) per cup

El Shaday Restaurant – Finally, we returned to Addis Ababa, in the center of the city, and searched out an Ethiopian food that I had desperately wanted to eat – called Tihlo. It’s a dish from Tigray, very rare to find in Addis Ababa, and even the friends I was eating with, who are all Ethiopian, had never heard of it, or tried it. So it was a first for all of us. Turned out to be incredibly delicious, and now one of my favorite new Ethiopian dishes.
Price – 80 ETB ($2.89)

Thank you for watching this unique Ethiopian food tour in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!

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  1. I love Ethiopia! I was there for the first time (and only time) back in 2008! Best time of my life. Amazing food. Amazing people. Such an experience for me. Everyone was so beautiful there. Especially the ladies! Haha but yeah man it was awesome. Thanks for creating this video. It brought me back to my time there I stayed for 3 weeks and didn’t want to leave. Thank you man. Great video. Make more!

  2. Hey Mark weins, I'm from Ethiopia. I just wanted to comment that this trip might have been tough to handle but thank you for always staying positive through out your journey.

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