Bangkok to Seoul, South Korea (Day 1)

Bangkok to Seoul, South Korea (Day 1)
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My wife Ying and I, along with her sisters decided to take a trip to Seoul, South Korea from Bangkok. We boarded the late night flight in Bangkok and landed bright and early first thing in the morning at Seoul Incheon International Airport. After grabbing our bags, we bought T-money cards for transportation, and then we caught the train metro from the airport to Seoul Station. It’s very easy to use and it’s pretty affordable too at just 3,250 Won ($2.73) per person for the ride. The train ride from Incheon airport to Seoul Station takes about one hour.

After arriving to Seoul Station, we put our bags into the lockers provided and we were all very hungry. Just outside Seoul Station, we just walked around and I saw a restaurant that specializes in a Korean food called gamjatang, and we decided to eat there immediately. We ordered the full family sizes hot pot of gamjatang, which turned out to be extremely delicious, and it’s one of my personal favorite Korean foods. Gamjatang is a pork bone and potato stew, and we got the version that included kimchi as well. It was incredibly good.

After doing a little bit of sightseeing, we then headed to check into our Airbnb. There was a little bit of a surprise when we checked in, but luckily it all worked out fine in the end and it was a pretty good place to stay.

It was a great first day in Seoul, and traveling from Bangkok to Seoul. Stay tuned for this entire series of Seoul travel and food videos!

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  1. Hi Mark
    That is sea squirt that you ate. It's called 'mi-do-duck' (pronounced mee – the- duck ). Salty seafoody juice inside with a bit of flesh and chewy skin. Used a lot in South Korea for any type of Jjigge dish. You have to be careful when you chew, hot juice burst might get burn and blister in your mouth.
    Watching your video from Syndey. always thumbs up!!!

  2. 👋Mark!! U r sooo silly: "I don't think i know what that was. Let me try another one!" 🤣 That mixture of seafood😋 Ying! U go guurrlll!! GOR-GE-OUSSS!! THANK U!!!

  3. Never have understood by People lay in their food to eat. Sit up bring the food to you. please stop laying in the food.

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