Lions battle: Angry Lion launch a brutal attach on other lions

Lions battle: Angry Lion launch a brutal attach on other lions
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Intense lion fight at Rabat Zoo
Near to the Prince Moulay Rachid sport complex in Rabat, the new zoological garden is one of the most fabulous natural spaces to discover if you visit the administrative capital of the Moroccan kingdom.
The Zoo Rabat was designed with the aim of enhancing the 5 ecosystems recognized in Morocco and even in Africa: savannah, desert, swamps, tropical forest and of course the Atlas Mountains.
With all this biological and natural diversity, the Zoo of Rabat had an immense challenge to preserve the characteristics of each fauna and flora while valuing the Moroccan spirit in all the design part of this space.
Because interacting with nature and animal species is one of the primary objectives of this zoo, designers have been able to find a perfect harmony between the welfare of the animals for the continuity of its reproduction and the envy of the visitors to live moments like adventurers and explorers.
As mentioned above, there is a whole ecosystem of the Atlas in Morocco which we could not omit in our visit to be finally amazed by the natural wealth that our country has.
Finally, I could not resist making a documentary video of the Atlas Moroccan lions battle and share it with you to entice you discovering this good plan.

At the Rabat Zoo you can bring your food for your family outing in the spaces dedicated to this purpose as you can reserve your place in one of the 4 restaurants available for varied menus at competitive prices.
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  1. Mans sport is the opposite to animal lovers but it shows the public how not to treat animals , too many males here in one small space in the wild hhis wouldn’t happen unless it’s a take over , these poor animals must feel like prisoners fighting each other all day long

  2. هذا الفيديو صور في المغرب الجميل بالضبط حديقة الحيوانات بالرباط

  3. Prison cell for lions. Absolutely no logical reason to torture animals like this. Men in prison fuck each other up the arse and still claim to be heterosexual – fuck knows the deviant behaviour of captive lions.

  4. Westerners playing with nature. Stick to your native wolves and sheep. They should be back on the African Savannah!.. It's obvious that this male is dominant and is displaying acts of patrolling territory. Totally natural in an unnatural state..

  5. Naughty boy! I could tell by how he was strutting around that he was asserting his dominance, and was going to give a snarl and whack to his brother. Then the lionesses had to get involved. This happens in the wild, too. I saw the Nkuhumas and Birminghams totally scrap one time. An hour later they were all lovey dovey again! Crazy lions!??????

  6. Shame on your South Africa and Kenya for selling lions to Chinese and Koreans
    These people don’t deserve to get near these magnificent animals period

  7. один ебанутый с волосатыми подмышками всю стаю терроризирует.

  8. There are too many lions in that place. It looks like there is enough room for one male and two to three females. Some of those lions need to be relocated.

  9. Esos leones estan enfermos les estsrsn dando una dieta inadecuada porque se nota que tienen tumores en los brazos y por sentirse mal andan de pesimo humor

  10. Healthy big lions. Look at the size of all them,you can tell those lions still growing can grow bigger than than that. Tiger no chance

  11. Here in India we have the same size enclousers but for only 1 lion . How the fuck can some one keep all of them together in such a small enclouser.

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