Famous Singapore Chicken Rice – Roasted Chicken VS. Boiled Chicken!?

Famous Singapore Chicken Rice - Roasted Chicken VS. Boiled Chicken!?
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Chicken rice is one of the national dishes of Singapore. Get more details here: https://migrationology.com/singapore-food/
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The dish of chicken rice, is really just that – chicken that’s cooked in a certain way, served with rice that’s often cooked in chicken broth and some light seasoning, paired together, and served with both a sauce and soup on the side. It’s not typically an overly flavorful dish, but it’s one of the ultimate comfort food combinations.

In this video I met up with Daniel who is a Singaporean who loves chicken rice. We started off at Yuhua Village Market & Food Centre to go to a place called Hup Hong to specifically eat their version of roasted chicken rice. The roasted chicken, I’m not sure if it was deep fried? was sliced up on top of a plate of rice and served with a red chili garlic sauce. Overall, it was quite a tasty plate, the chicken was smooth but not mushy, and it was salted perfectly. I also liked the sauce at Hup Hong, which was heavy on the chilies and garlic, with a faint taste of ginger, and nicely salted.

After Hup Hong we took a drive across Singapore to a legendary boiled chicken rice restaurant, and a place that serves an original pretty old fashioned Hainanese boiled chicken style. The restaurant itself was pretty cool, very authentic and looked like it had remained pretty much the same since it was open the last 60 years. We had a plate of boiled chicken and each had our own bowl of rice. What I really liked about Yet Con was that the chicken really tasted like chicken, it was a natural tasting boiled chicken with a very firm texture. I also enjoyed how they had two different sauces, one just pureed ginger, and the other a chili vinegar sauce.

I thought the roasted chicken was really going to win for me, but after testing both, I was pretty pleased and impressed how good the boiled chicken also was. Overall, I think I’d prefer roasted chicken on a whole, as I’m not a big fan of boiled chicken skin. But that being said, I highly enjoyed the Yet Con atmosphere and shop. Both were good. Which version of Singapore chicken rice would you prefer? Roasted or boiled?

Hup Hong Chicken Rice
Address: Yuhua Village Market & Food Centre, 254 Jurong East Street 24
Open hours: Morning
Prices: $3 SGD per plate of chicken rice with extra gizzard
How to get there: It’s about a 10 minute walk from Chinese Garden MRT station

Yet Con Chicken Rice
Address: 25 Purvis Street, Singapore
Open hours: 11 am – 9:30 pm daily
Prices: $18 SGD for ½ a chicken
How to get there: You can easily walk from either City Hall or Bugis MRT station


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  1. Hey Mark, Have you checked with owners the quality and traceability of the chicken? Is it industrial chicken from Malaysia ? I have heard some chicken are farmed from abroad with poor hygiene and import to Singapore.

  2. You won't get this in Manchester Trafford Centre Takeaway Food Hall . Asian UK producers are incapable of making real Asian food . They continue to churn out sweet and sour rubbish . Please realise we want real Asian food

  3. Not a big fan of ginger. It burns in a not so good way. I like Vernors when I am sick though. ? yes I know it is fake. I can also do Canada Dry at times. But ginger in my food, not a big fan.

  4. This food is worth a long haul flight . You won't get it in Europe . UK Asian food is mainly awful . Asian restaurants don't realise we've been to their countries and can spot the crap they serve us .

  5. People think I'm crazy when I try to explain chicken rice and how good simple food is when cooked by experts . I too load up on the sauces . Wonderful videos .

  6. mark i have tried the food is not good bro the smell is awful and its yukky in singapore good is awful bro thailand food is better

  7. Dear Mark and Yin. I really enjoy and appreciate your videos. I love the positivity that comes across, and I thank you both for all your efforts. We lost our son, Jordan, aged 20, five years ago from suicide, and your videos really help me remain positive. It's difficult, but people travelling and expericing wonderful food is incredibly healing. Thank you so, so much. Errol.

  8. Why can't we get this in the UK ? Simple inexpensive delicious . We get sweet and sour rubbish in the UK . Please realise we have travelled and know you are serving up sugary pappy crap guys .

  9. I wish we could get this simple honest wonderful food here . We get crappy sugary pappy overpriced 1970s Asian food still in the UK . The few who try to sell Asian food charge way too much for sub standard food . Manchester's Trafford centre food hall is the worst take away on earth . People from overseas expect better than Trafford Centre food hall rubbish . Australia does it better even . You get a decent Laksa soup in any Aussie shopping mall . Manchester's got Tampopo and Waggamamma . Questionable quality at high prices . £10 bowl of soup . We've travelled and know the difference .

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